April 20 & 28, 2020

The Student Theater Festival, in collaboration with Newtown Arts Company, is an opportunity for teens from throughout the region to come to the Playhouse to perform for each other, take master classes and receive professional feedback.


8:30 am-9:00 am-Arrival/Registration

9:15 am-9:30 am-Welcome

9:45 am-12:00 pm-Workshops

12:00 pm-12:45 pm-Lunch

1:00 pm-4:30 pm-Performances/ Feedback

4:30 pm-5:30 pm-Load-Out/Awards

Time Limit

Performance slots are 20 minutes. Performances must be 20 minutes in length or shorter. Performances will be timed by Bucks County Playhouse staff.

• Five minutes are allotted between each performance for change over.

• If a performance goes over the allotted time, there will be a 2-minute warning from the Stage Manager, followed by a dimming of the lights and fade out. This is to ensure that all performances receive the same amount of time on stage and to keep the festival on schedule.

Set, Props and Projections

• Storage, wing and dressing room space is extremely limited backstage at the Playhouse. Set pieces, backdrops, flats and large furniture pieces cannot be used. Only handheld props and smaller furniture pieces can be brought to the Playhouse.

• Participating schools will be provided with a list of furniture that will be available at the Playhouse for their use. The purpose of this is to limit the quantity of set pieces, furniture and props being stored backstage.

• Each participating school will have access to a small table to store props, costumes and supplies backstage.

• No liquids are allowed on stage.

• Use of the projector may be available to schools during the Festival. For more information about availability of the projector and for specifications, please contact Joann Bull to discuss your school’s needs.


• Schools need to provide a CD, flash drive or file of their musical tracks.

• Schools may have no more than three musicians if using live music.

• A piano or keyboard will be available. Please notify Joann Bull if you require a keyboard, piano or projector.

Stage Dimensions

• The stage depth is 30’ with about 15’ of wing space on either side.

• The proscenium height is 19’3” and width 29’9”.

Weapon Policy

• Safety for all students, teachers, staff and guests participating in the Student Theater Festival is of the utmost importance. Please read our weapon policy carefully:

• BCP defines a weapon as: “Any object used in a staged fight for attack or defense” and “Any implements fashioned or used in a threatening manner, whether capable of inflicting actual bodily harm or not.”

• BCP staff must be notified by the teacher, advisor or director of use of any and all weapons used in a performance upon registering for the Festival.

• All weapons must be presented upon load-in to Playhouse staff on the day of the Festival. • Bucks County Playhouse reserves the right to deny the use of any and all weapons used on our stage and in our facilities at any time.

• The following are never allowed at the Festival: real blades or guns of any kind, guns with blanks, retractable knives or swords, blunted blades of any kind.

*In accordance with the Actors’ Equity Association Agreement and Rules Governing Employment in Small Professional Theaters Stage Fighting Policy and the Yale School of Drama Prop Weapon and Stage Combat Policy.


After reading the above requirements, submit the application below. The application will close on SUNDAY, JANUARY 5 at 9:00PM. Interviews about your selection will then be scheduled. You will need to provide a published copy of the script to Mr. South on the day of your interview. Please be prepared to present the plot of your show further and answer questions about the show you have chosen and about you as a director.