Pennsbury Academic Coaching Portal

Welcome to the Pennsbury School District Online Academic Coaching Program.

This program is open to all Pennsbury School District students in grades 6-12 needing academic or technology assistance during Distance Learning. Students needing assistance will be able to work with certified educators in a virtual environment via Google Educational Apps.

Students can receive help in the following areas:


  • General Help with Coursework
  • Understanding Class Concepts
  • Studying Assistance
  • Cyber Learning Courses

Writing Center

  • Paragraphs, Grammar, Proof Reading
  • Research Projects and Papers
  • College Essays
  • Text Dependent or Document Based Writing

Ed. Tech

  • Creating Virtual Presentations
  • Educational Websites
  • Google Apps


  • General Math Courses
  • SAT Math
  • Math in Science
  • Formulas

Step 1

Fill out the Distance Learning Academic Coaching Form

Be sure to include ALL of the areas in which you need assistance. You may submit the form multiple times as your needs change.

Step 2

Join the specific Academic Coaching CANVAS

An Academic Coach will send an invite to the specific CANVAS to your Pennsbury email.

Step 3

Work with your Academic Coach through Google Apps

Your Assigned Academic Coach will contact you via Pennsbury Email to establish meeting times and procedures.