Pennsbury Demonstration Teachers

The Demonstration Teacher Program is a unique offering and opportunity at Pennsbury. Each year, teachers submit their names or the names of qualified colleagues to take part in the Demonstration Teacher Program. After undergoing an application review process, teachers are selected for the upcoming school year.

The roles and the tasks of the Demonstration Teacher are varied. Primarily, they work with the inductees in the Teacher Induction Program. Inductees are required to make at least one observation of a Demonstration Teacher. Here, novice teachers have opportunity to observe experienced staff members. Either in the Inductee’s classroom or with the class of the Demonstration Teacher, the teacher new to Pennsbury has the chance to learn with and from a more experienced professional.

In the past years, Demonstration Teachers have worked with staffs in buildings, have made workshop presentations, have mentored and coached inductees, modeled lessons, have answered questions and offered advice and suggestions, have made Board and community presentations, and have attended Induction meetings. In all venues, the Demonstration Teacher is highly regarded and warmly received.

Demonstration Teachers have made a conscious decision to support and encourage the implementation of Pennsbury’s standards initiative. Demonstration Teachers help others understand how to create a standards-based classroom environment, how to develop a standards-based instructional work unit, and how to integrate technology into the curriculum.

Always, the cornerstone of the work of the Demonstration Teacher is pragmatism coupled with high expectations. The Demonstration Teacher clearly knows the practicalities of the classroom; his or her perspective is always that of the informed colleague. The Demonstration Teacher knows, too, that excellence is valued and appreciated; his or her mission is always that of the inspired professional.