Hello, I am Jim Nelsen, I have taught physical education at Pennoyer school for 16 years. This will be my fifth year teaching health class.


K-2nd grade will be instructed through See-Saw

3rd -8th will be instructed through Google Classroom

Please Email me if you need your child's classroom code! jnelsen@pennoyerschool.org

Sleep Journal (optional) (might help in dealing with stress and finding normality.)

American Heart Association Kids Health Challenge

AHA Movement Calendar February (extra movement)

Get Moving

L.N.A.C. webpage can be found here.

Boys Softball Will have tryouts 8/19/2021

Here is the boys softball practice schedule

Standings can be found here.


TEACHER CONTACT INFORMATION: Jnelsen@pennoyerschool.org

(708) 456-9094