Bee Waggle Dance Robotics Lesson

We recently did a Bee Waggle Dance lesson in Ms. Gilbert's class at Hambright elementary with the Hummingbird Robotics kit.  

Science - Bee communication with waggle dance

Computer Science - Decomposition: Students will decompose the movements of a bee into programmable steps. Algorithmic Design: Students will write computer code to cause a motor and LED to mimic the movements of a bee. Incremental Design and Evaluation: Students will combine known coding solutions (blinking an LED and moving a motor) to solve a larger problem (how to get these things to happen at the same time).

Art - Created and built a bee

Math - Learned about Angles and milliseconds to code their bee

Music - As a finale for the project we placed our bees into a hive and students learned about the song the flight of the Bumble Bee which played in the background.


Lesson Plan

BEE WAGGLE DANCE - Hummingbird Kit

Bee Waggle Dance Slidedeck

Bee Waggle Hummingbird Project Map

Additional Resource