Nominate a colleague who exemplifies the company's mission, vision and values!

OUR MISSION: To provide a gateway to an enhanced quality of life and better financial opportunities for our real estate clients, sales professionals and employees.

OUR VISION: To be the premier provider of real estate services in the Mid-Atlantic.

OUR VALUES: Integrity, Innovation, Improvement


Did you see a colleague display integrity? Improve a process? Blow your mind with a fantastic innovation? Nominate them for an MVV Award by telling us what they did (using the form below) and they'll receive a $5 Starbucks gift card and an award they can display.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! At the end of each month, we will select one winner from among all the nominees that month and that person will win the MVV Award for the month, plus a $100 Amazon gift card! Nominate as many colleagues as you want!