Topsail High School

National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a service organization that recognizes students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Club Advisor - Suzanne Umbaugh

Becoming a Member

Students are eligible for induction to National Honor Society during the spring of their Junior year of high school, or fall of their Senior year (there will be NO inductions of Seniors in the Spring). Students who meet the following requirements will receive a invitation/application delivered at school, and must return the completed application by the required date.

All applications that are turned in will be reviewed by the THS National Honor Society Faculty Advisory Committee. Students whose applications are accepted by the Committee will receive letters of acceptance delivered at the school and invited to attend the Induction Ceremony.

Requirements for Induction

Students must have:

  • a weighted 3.9 GPA
  • no discipline issues in the current or previous semester
  • no attendance issues
  • a history of service to the community

Requirements for Maintaining Good Standing

Members of National Honor Society must return and meet the requirements outlined in the THS National Honor Society Contract.

These requirements are:

  • Maintain a weighted GPA of 3.9
  • Have no legal infractions
  • have no discipline referrals that result in ISS (in school suspension) or OSS (out of school suspension)
  • Attend scheduled meetings
  • Complete NHS service requirements (10 hours per semester)

A student who fails to maintain these high academic, disciplinary, and service requirements will be placed on probation, not be recognized as an active member of National Honor Society, and will not be allowed to wear the National Honor Society stole at graduation.

Students will be placed on probation IF they:

  • fail to meet the above requirements
  • falsify service hours
  • have excessive absences from school
  • have excessive tardies that result in an administrative disciplinary referral

Repeated violations may result in removal from NHS