PACES After School Care


The following procedures helps PACES staff provide a safe and orderly environment.

Absences - Parents are asked to notify PACES staff if their child will not attend the after school program on a scheduled day. Attendance is taken within the first five minutes of the children’s arrival. If a child is expected to be in attendance and does not arrive, and the parent does not provide verbal or written notice, staff will check with the school office and review the absentee list. If warranted, a follow-up call to parent/guardian is made immediately.

Behavior Management – Appropriate behavior is expected of all children. Students are expected to follow school procedures, district policies, and the Code of Student Conduct. Staff will talk to the child about the problem, remove the child from the group, use positive redirection whenever possible, limit privileges, or consult with parents. Parents contacted about behavior problems are expected to cooperate with staff in assuring the elimination of inappropriate behavior. A child may be immediately dismissed from the program if the child’s behavior is determined to be detrimental to the child or to the well-being of others in the program.

Departure of Children - A photo ID is required when signing children out of the program. Parents will enter the school to pick up their children and sign them out at departure. Children are released only to the individuals designated on the registration form.

Electronics, Cell Phones, Personal items - Cell phones, other electronic items, and personal items must remain with the children’s personal belongings. If a child needs to talk with a parent or guardian, they should speak with a staff member. PACES is not responsible for lost or damaged cell phones, electronic devices, or lost items – toys, games, etc.

Health/Medical Issues - In consultation with parents, site staff, the school nurse, and school administration, accommodations for students with health or medical issues will be developed on a case-by-case basis. Parents/guardians are asked to contact the school nurse regarding medication requests. PACES staff will follow district procedures in the event of an emergency.

Homework – The daily schedule includes time for children to work on homework assignments. Parents are urged to review their child’s homework for correctness and completion. When your child completes the amount of homework indicated, your child may participate in other activities offered by the program.

Inclement Weather and School Closure - If the school has a situation where the building must be evacuated or closed early, parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child by the designated time. PACES follows the inclement weather policy of Pender County Schools. Refer to the school district website or local media for up-to-date information regarding delays, early releases, or closings. In the event after school activities are canceled, please have an emergency plan that follows the release procedure designated on the registration form. Fees are not prorated for early dismissals or school closings.

Snacks - Nutritious snacks, provided by the Child Nutrition Department, will be served daily. If your child has a food allergy, please advise the site director in writing when completing your child’s registration.


$20 Annual non-refundable registration fee

$45 Weekly Fee – one child

$40 Weekly Fee – second child, same family

$35 Weekly Fee – third child, same family

Weekly fees are due in advance by check or money order. If school is closed three days or more due to the school calendar, half of the weekly rate is due. There is no additional charge for early release days if the weekly fee is paid. If a child does not attend during the week, the weekly fee is not owed.

Returned Check Fee

PACES will add the bank charge for NSF charge to your family’s ledger account when a check is returned to the school district’s bank for non-payment. Upon notification of a returned check to the parent by the site director, the fee must be paid in cash or money order—we do not accept another check for a returned check. Failure to resolve a returned check or failure to pay for the service promptly may result in your child not being able to attend PACES.