National Technical Honor Society

Chapter # 671

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) recognizes outstanding students in career and technical education and their achievement. PRHS has been a recognized National Technical Honor Society chapter #671 since December of 1992 and has been actively participating for 26 years. About 3,700 schools across the nation are affiliated with NTHS. NTHS focuses on student achievement and also helps students find success in the modern competitive workplace by helping to cultivate a desire for personal excellence among students. The National Technical Honor Society strives to:

        • Reward excellence in vocational and technical education
        • Support and encourage students in maintaining higher academic achievement
        • Help schools build effective business partnerships
        • Promote honorable values: honesty, teamwork, responsibility, citizenship, leadership, initiative, and scholarship
        • Promote and foster high self-esteem & build confidence
        • Create a promising future for the vocational and technical education of America

Once inducted, members are required to maintain the above criteria in addition to:

1 Maintain an 85 point GPA

2. Participate in National Technical Honor Society events.

3. Each year of membership complete 10 Community Service Hours

4. Attend monthly meetings.

*Members may be dropped from the National Technical Honor Society if criteria is not maintained.

Member Benefits include:

        • Scholarship Opportunities
        • Letters of Recommendation
        • Important career and professional recognition by education business and industry
        • Online career center access with resume tools and job connections

For additional information, please feel free to contact Lena MacLean at, Plymouth Regional High School's - National Technical Honor Society Advisor.