General Music

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Students can look forward to singing, performing on instruments, dancing, and creating their own music at the intermediate school. 3rd and 4th graders will study recorder throughout the year. 5th and 6th graders will learn how to play the ukulele. As students master music fundamentals they will develop personal tastes and confidence in their music making.

Miss Erin Rush -

585-599-4531 x2502


Third and fourth grade will begin playing recorders in October. If your student already has a recorder they can bring them in a labeled bag to school. I prefer to store them in my classroom during the week. They are always welcome to bring them home to practice as long as they remember to bring them back for music class.

If your student does not have a recorder they can purchase them from the school for $3. There will also be a set of classroom recorders. These will be sterilized between uses, but students often prefer to have their own recorder.


Use the slides to review or get a head start on ukulele

Ukulele Basics