Technology Program



CC (1 credit)

This is a college credit course offering 5 college credits and will teach the student:

  • The basics of the” SolidWorks” Computer Aided Design software (For mechanical drawings).
  • The basics of mechanical drawing.
  • Working with others to complete a larger assignment.
  • The ability to assess the work and contributions of coworkers.

Several drawing projects will be given to the student to complete. Their ability to complete both the creation of the part and represent it accurately on standard drawing formats will be the basis for the grade earned. Most projects will be individual efforts but a few will be done by teams. Those that excel in the course will be offered the opportunity to take a “SolidWorks Certification Exam”. This opportunity would be the equivalent of the Honors Option offered in other Pelham High courses and will require the student to complete additional assignments. This course qualifies as a Math Intensive course.

Prerequisite: Geometry


(½ credit)

Students will learn how the elements of art and principles of design come together to present information in a visually compelling manner. At the fruition of this course, students will be able to skillfully incorporate type and graphics into a document with a singular cohesive message. Students will look at historical and contemporary graphic arts as references to guide their growth.

Using Adobe Photoshop, In Design, and Illustrator to create logos and layouts, students will learn how color, shape, line, and texture come together to make compelling graphics and how to incorporate their designs into websites. As a project based course, students will work to create real world examples of business cards, logos, magazine layouts, posters and websites on their journey to become successful graphic artists.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Digital Photography, Introduction to Drawing & Painting (Intro to Art) or Introduction to Digital Art.

886-INTRO TO STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

(½ credit)

This course serves as a gateway to the exploration of career paths in various technology fields. Emphasis on collaborative projects and intelligent problem solving will support our investigations of the seven fields of technology.

Design process and design theory serve as the foundation of all projects in this course tying Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math together. In this survey course, students will explore the processes of technology; how technology relates to progress and ethical decision making as they work on creative STEAM based projects. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on real-world applications and hands-on exploration.

891-INTERMEDIATE STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

(½ credit)

This course serves as a continuation of the exploration of problem solving and processes as begun in Intro to STEAM. After completing the half-credit Intro to STEAM, if students are interested in continuing learning and investigating skills that will help them in future STEM career paths, this course will further tie together Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Science and dig deeper into how these subjects work together. Students are expected to work efficiently on their own with their own investigative skills and curious minds. Self-driven projects are the core of a more personalized way of learning skills that students will find valuable to their future.

Prerequisite: Introduction to STEAM


(½ credit)

Students will learn to use a DSLR camera to create meaningful photographic images that reflect an understanding of modern visual aesthetics. A great deal of this course will address the elements of art and principles of design as well as understanding light and composition.

Students will come away from this course with a strong understanding of how the elements of art and principles of design come together with sound technical skills to create powerful images reflecting the intent of the photographer. Exploration of people, landscapes and action photography will help build students visual and technical skills. Images will be captured digitally and modified with Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Please Note: Access to a DSLR camera at home is recommended.


(½ credit)

This course is designed to expand upon fundamental skills and concepts gained at the introductory level through exploration and production of digital artwork. Students are provided a drawing tablet for the duration of the course and develop confidence and skill with digital drawing and painting techniques. Students will learn about illustration, cartooning, and animation through a variety of media including print and film sources. Class discussions and critiques will complement class projects.

Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, students will create original artwork incorporating the elements of art and principles of design. A heavy emphasis on creative expression and personal voice will take place in the form of an individual digital portfolio. Exposure to introductory drawing skills will enhance work.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Art (Intro to Drawing and Painting) or Introduction to Digital Art; Sophomore, Junior or Senior


(½ credit)

This course is designed as an overview of basic art concepts, media, and techniques with both traditional media as well as digital media. Drawing skills, planning, and digital skills will be emphasized. Students will be exposed to the major techniques used in several art disciplines such as drawing, painting, and printmaking, and how they can be incorporated into digital design. Students are expected to build on skills already covered at the middle and elementary level. Written critiques and research papers will be assigned.


(½ credit)

This is a project based course that will require student to work in teams to solve problems. Students will not be given formulas or answers in a lecture format; instead they will be required to use both information gathering (internet, library, etc.) and experimentation. The results of each team’s endeavors will be written up and presented by the team to the balance of the class. Each team member will be asked to grade themselves and their team member’s contributions to each project. The members of the audience will be required to ask questions at the end of each presentation and to critique each presentation. This course qualifies as a Math Intensive Course.

Grading will be based on:

  • The ability of the team to define a plan based on a stated hypothesis, and to solve each assigned task.
  • Accuracy and completeness of the results for each project.
  • Clarity and accuracy of the group presentation.
  • The students ability to assess the work of fellow students within the team and the work presented by competing teams..

Prerequisite: Algebra I


CC (½ credit)

This course introduces students to the preparation of materials for manufacturing through the extraction and development of ferrous and nonferrous metals and the influence of elements in the production of alloy steels and irons. The classifications of steel, the mechanical and physical characteristics of metals as well as heat treatment processes are also covered. Manufacturing processes such as forging, powdered metal processes, sand castings, additional casting processes, presswork, rolling, drawing, bending, extrusion, welding, electrical discharge machining (EDM), electrochemical machining (ECM), and numerical control (NC) operations are emphasized.

Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior or Senior; Algebra 1


(1 credit)

Students enrolled in this course, the PTech Squad, will commit themselves to providing technology solutions in the Pelham school community and will strive to create connections within and outside of the greater Pelham community. This service based course will require students to assess technological issues throughout the school day and determine the best way to solve the issues encountered. Students must be self-driven problem solvers who are able to work both independently and within a group setting, and are capable of managing multiple projects at the same time. Because students will be functioning in an authentic work environment, they will be learning skills that will develop college, career, and life skills that are immediately transferable to the world at large. In addition to the day-to-day task of tackling technological issues as they arise, students will be required to complete a Passion Project of their choosing (see this video for details: To best function in this course, students must be minimally proficient in the utilization of the G Suite of Google Apps, the Google Chrome environment, basic Chromebook functionality, and the Microsoft Office Suite. Students will participate in an interview and brief assessment of tech skills for admission into the course. This course may be repeated with permission of the instructor.

Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior or Senior; Computer Applications I or equivalent; Algebra II; permission of instructor.

467-Introduction to Programming WITH PYTHON

(½ credit)

This course is intended as an introduction to programming which will provide students with a strong foundation using the programming language Python, as well as general computer science theory. It is assumed that students taking this course have no formal programming experience. Therefore, the course focuses on basic programming concepts such as commands for performing calculations, receiving input and displaying output, basic flow control structures, and functions / methods. The class will also begin looking at the object-oriented programming concepts of classes and objects. This course requires mathematical problem solving skills, as students will be examining complex problems that computers can solve more effectively than humans can.

This course qualifies as a Math Intensive course.

Co-requisite: Junior or Senior; Algebra II or taking concurrently