Health and Physical Education Program

One Physical Education credit and ½ Health credit are required for graduation


(1 credit)

This is a beginner physical education course. Students will focus on individual skills needed to be successful in playing a team or individual sport. This course will also explore many ways of attaining and maintaining an appropriate level of fitness through walking, jogging, flexibility, and nutrition.


(½ credit)

This course is designed for the student who wants to enjoy physical fitness while helping to support a student with special needs. Students will work in one on one peer relations with a student with special needs in a comprehensive physical education program. Students will support the student with special needs with social skills and participate in fitness activities, individual sports, and team sports. The course will focus on age appropriate leisure and fitness activities that all students can enjoy for a lifetime. Students in this course will also reflect on their experiences in a variety of ways.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 1 physical education credit. Enrollments is limited and Director of Guidance approval is required. Seniors will have priority.


(½ credit)

In this course, students will take the individual sport skills learned in Introduction to Physical Education and apply them to the team-sport concept. Students will learn the rules and regulations of each sport played and play in competitive daily games.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Physical Education


(½ credit)

Cardio-Fit is a physical education department option if individual and team games are not for you. This class combines cardiovascular activity with strength and body core exercise. The objectives will be to focus on the components of physical fitness.


(½ credit)

In this elective course, students are encouraged to develop strategies to work toward a lifetime enjoyment of fitness through weight training, aerobics, walking, running, and other health-enhancing physical activities.

Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior or Senior


(½ credit)

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn weight training concepts and techniques used for building muscular strength. Students will also learn the appropriate skills necessary to maintain a safe and sanitary environment.


(½ credit)

This course is designed as a continuation of beginner weight training. Students will learn more complex movements and training styles, as well as nutrition. The objectives of this course will be to maximize the students total strength and power.

Prerequisite: Beginner Weight Training


(½ credit)

In this required course, students learn the fundamental concepts of health promotion and disease prevention in the following content areas: nutrition, physical activity, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, family life and sexuality, injury prevention, tobacco, personal and consumer health. Health will provide the opportunity to learn how to make healthy choices, and to live a better and longer life.

Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior or Senior


Level 1 (1 credit)

This very challenging elective is designed for the student who wishes to explore a degree in the medical field. Areas to be covered include energy systems/nutrition, biomechanics, anatomy/physiology, sports performance/motivation, and other advanced topics. Students who were successful in CP Bio and/or Anatomy and Physiology will be prepared for this course.

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior


(½ credit)

In this yoga course, students will begin to develop and implement Yoga practice in their personal lives. Students will work on improving their stamina and increasing their flexibility though several different Yoga techniques. We will cover a wide range of topics including the history of Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and Yoga benefits. In addition, students will learn how to implement a lifestyle with relaxation techniques enabling them to learn how to create a balance in their personal day-to-day lives. This does not count as a Physical Education credit.


(½ credit)

Managing Your Mind is a course that helps individuals identify stress in one’s life and the impact it has on one’s quality of life. Students will learn the impact stress has on the body and the correlation with disease. Additionally, students will be exposed to holistic stress management strategies to implement into their daily life in order to gain control over their physical and emotional responses to stress. In the end, this course will provide a better understanding of the major stress sources in one’s life, allow students to gain control of their stress levels, and experience a more effective approach to optimal lifelong health.