CTE Programs

Pinkerton Academy - Alvirne High

Career and Technical Education Programs

Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH is our primary Career and Technical Education (CTE) affiliation. However, some Alvirne High School CTE courses are also available to our students.

  • Pelham High is allotted a limited number of seats in each CTE course. These are granted to juniors and seniors based on an application process that considers appropriate placement, attendance, academic achievement, and discipline reports.
  • Travel to and from the CTE centers necessitate the loss of some time from both PHS and CTE class time.
  • Students are responsible for all course requirements in both their CTE center and PHS classes.
  • Some CTE courses run for only one semester. The majority of the courses run for a whole year. Students who enroll in a yearlong class at a CTE center must maintain their enrollment in that class.
  • For full year courses, two credits are awarded only at the end of the year.
  • Students are under the regulations of the Attendance Policy of the Career Technical Center they attend. Excessive absences may lead to automatic withdrawal from the class with a grade of F. Should a student withdraw from the CTE course after the official drop/add period, a WF (Withdrawal Failure) will appear on the student’s transcript with the loss of credit.
  • Students and their families are encouraged to visit the career technical centers by attending open houses or scheduling a daytime visit. Contact the career technical center offices of Pinkerton Academy or Alvirne, High School.
  • To register, students must complete an application with parent/guardian signature. Applications are available in the College and Career Guidance Department and are due before the course selection process begins.