Junior School

Curriculum Handbook

Our Strategic Direction

We exist at Pedare to grow young people into extraordinary young adults. We provide them with a strong sense of self worth, global knowledge and the self discipline to make a difference in the community.

Our Vision

Fostering partnerships with families that enable students to:

    • Excel in learning

    • Be globally focused

    • Have a strong sense of self worth

    • Make a difference in the Community.

Our Passion

Our passion is for Pedare to deliver the best value all round quality education, from early learning to Year 12. Our focus is on preparing students to be energetic citizens in a complex and shrinking world.

Our Core

Pedare has Anglican and Uniting Church values at its core. We value the opportunity to walk alongside students as they grow in faith. We value our diversity as it builds creativity and community strength.

Areas of Strategic Focus:

  • One College

  • Quality Teaching and Learning

  • Beliefs and Wellbeing

  • Communication and Celebration

  • Sustainable Future, place and space.

The Junior School Curriculum Handbook is designed to give you a clear understanding of what to expect of the learning program in the Junior School at Pedare Christian College. The Handbook covers the teaching and learning that takes place during the school day and gives an overview of specialist programs which are offered to the children in the Junior School.

The curriculum is organised according to the framework provided by the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) and covers all of the Junior School year levels from Reception to Year 5. Details of the PYP and of the curriculum areas taught are included in this booklet.

Information in the following pages is correct at the time of printing. However, the PYP is an ongoing developmental journey. Parents will be informed promptly of any changes or initiatives that will affect the learning of their children.

Teaching and learning in the Junior School reflect the view that:

    • Children need to experience success;

    • Children learn through their senses;

    • Children learn in different ways;

    • Children learn through self-discovery, building on what they already know;

    • Cooperation assists learning, as children make sense of the world with and through others;

    • Children need to be challenged and engaged. Learning is an active process;

    • Learning is influenced by the quality of the interactive role of the adult;

    • Self-esteem influences learning.

Teachers provide for the range of ability and maturity that children display at school and introduce skills at a rate that allows children to progress confidently. We wish every child well in their learning at Pedare Christian College. Teachers look forward to each child’s contribution, both in the classroom and as an active participant in the extra-curricular program.

If you have any comments or questions about the Junior School curriculum, please contact one of the staff members below.

Randall Pearce

Head of Junior School


Lyn Davis

Assistant Head of Junior School


Laura Logan