Pecatonica High School Life Sciences

I am the High School Life Science Instructor. I currently teach Sophomore Biology, Zoology, Food Science, Botany, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology and Independent Science Research. I received Bachelors of Science degrees in both Biology and Broadfield Science from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. While in college, I conducted undergraduate research under Dr. Collin Belby on the pollution of topsoil in the the La Crosse river marsh due to trapshooting activities. I was the first person to student teach abroad from UW-La Crosse when I went to New Zealand for three months and student taught at Aotea College near Wellington. I was the goalie for the UW-L lacrosse team for four years. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Chemical and Life Science from the University of Maryland in December of 2020. I live in Mineral Point with my wife, who is a third grade teacher at Platteville. I enjoy gardening, woodworking, being outside, playing video games, going to movies and talking science with both students and adults. I am always looking to make the learning experience better, so if you have any information or ideas that would apply to life science education, please let me know.

**Class specific information and assignments can be found on each class's google classroom page.**

We assembled this pontoon boat to take samples of topsoil. X-ray photos showed decay of lead shot from decades of activity.

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