20-21 Summer Program

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Program Details

  • Summer programming will continue to be online. We plan to return to in-person programming in the fall.

  • We will continue with piano check-ins on Zoom. During piano check-ins, students work one-on-one with a teacher for 20 minutes on their piano music.

  • NEW! We will be offering Summer Certificate Sessions, in addition to piano check-ins. More information below.

  • All sessions will continue to be scheduled through Calendly. Students sign up for times on a week-to-week basis.

  • Summer session will run from June 1st-July 31st. Fall session will begin on September 7th.

  • Teachers may take some weeks off, and we encourage you to, as well. This will be communicated between individual teachers and students.

  • All students who participated in 19-20 Piano Program are welcome to participate. You may need to complete a registration form, depending on how recently we've been in touch. More information below.

  • Tuition will continue to be pay-what-you-can. More information and payment options below. We will return to regular fees in the fall.

New for Summer! Certificate Sessions

We were excited to see so much interest in the certificate program! As a result, we’re offering Summer Certificate Sessions that will help students learn the material required to complete Peaslee’s updated Piano Certificate Program, as well as continuing our regular piano check-ins as we did during the school year.

If you've struggled with working on piano remotely, or if you're looking to ease back into piano for the fall, you might try focusing on certificate sessions this summer. They will be like a music tutoring session, with the extra motivation of earning badges and tracking your progress. While they require you to spend some time learning the material, many students find this work more straightforward than regular piano lessons, and it can be easier to make progress using remote learning.

  • One-on-one 20-minute Zoom calls.

  • Up to one session per week. This can be in addition to or instead of a piano check-in.

  • Tutoring on note reading, rhythm, vocabulary, and more with Ms. Rebecca.
    Sr. Terry’s piano students are welcome and encouraged to sign up.

  • You will not play your regular assigned piano pieces in these sessions.

  • Students can earn up to two certificate badges during these sessions.

  • Sign up through Calendly.

Earning Certificate Badges

Students can earn their Vocabulary and Scale Badges during Certificate Sessions this summer. Because the other badges require in-person evaluation, they’ll have to wait until fall. But we will still work on mastering those skills so you’re ready when the time comes!

>>>>Pro-tip: Not sure what a badge or a certificate is? Learn about the new Certificate Program here. We'll use this next school year, as well, so take a few minutes to learn about it with your student!

Students who want to earn a badge over the summer must sign up for a Certificate Session, where we’ll do an evaluation. This is the only way to earn a badge over the summer - evaluations will not take place during your regular piano check-in.


You could sign up for one piano check-in and one certificate session each week, or you could focus on just one. Or you could study certificate materials on your own, and sign up only when you want to try to earn a badge.

Whatever sessions you sign up for - piano or certificate - we expect you to:

  • have the material prepared.
    You should spend at least 20 minutes per day preparing for each session you sign up for.

  • have your space and technology set up correctly. Click here for set-up guide..

  • let us know if you’re not going to make it.

  • be ready to begin at our scheduled start time.

If you don't meet these expectations, we may ask you to end the call and sign up again when you're ready. If you repeatedly don't meet these expectations, we may limit the time slots you can sign up for or ask you to take a break from the program.


All students who were enrolled in the 19-20 Piano Program are welcome to participate in summer programming - even if we haven't seen you since before COVID! Here's how to participate:

If you....

  • filled out a registration form this school year and have been actively participating in the program (at least twice a month),

  • filled out a registration form this school year and have not been actively participating in the program (at least twice a month),

  • did not register for the program this school year,

you should....

Adult students email piano@peasleecenter.org for registration information.

Students must complete a registration form before participating in the program.


We understand many families are going through financial uncertainty at this time and that online learning is new territory for you and for us. Because of that, our tuition for the 20-21 program year will be pay-what-you-can. We will return to regular fees in the fall.

Below you’ll find guidelines for what you can contribute. To make a payment online, use the button below, or mail or drop off a check or cash at Peaslee Neighborhood Center.

Suggested tuition for one student taking one session per week

Family of 4, with income at or below Per Semester Per Month

$35,000 $80 $20

$50,000 $140 $35

$65,000 $220 $55

$80,000 $280 $70

Full Tuition $350 $88

Suggested tuition is based on the typical rate for music instruction in our area ($30+ for a 30-minute private lesson) and reflects income scales similar to those used for free and reduced-price lunch and other sliding-scale services.

Fall Programming

We plan to return to in-person instruction for our fall semester, which will begin Tuesday, September 7th. To reserve your spot for fall, complete this quick RSVP!