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2017-2018 School Year

Lenten Designs

March 2018

Using a Paint program fosters creativity and mouse control.

Lenten Designs

Eat a Rainbow?

February 2018

Kindergarten students learned how important it is to eat a rainbow every day. Then they did an image search for a colored food to add to their plate. They had practice typing in keywords and resizing images. Here are some samples of their finished work.

Switcheroo Zoo

January 2018

Kindergarten students had a blast fusing different animal parts together for a unique NEW animal. I wonder what kind of sounds these animals will make?

Switcheroo Zoo

Jitterbug Fun

January 2018

Mrs. Gower caught us having fun in PE. Students got lots of practice overhand throwing as they tried to hit the bugs on the gym wall!

Hour of Code

December 2017

Peace students participate in the Hour of Code every December. Kindergartners were introduced to coding through the discovery of real life algorithms. For example, if we want to plant a seed, we can't pick the flower before we've planted and watered the seed. Students then worked on moving a Fuzzie through a maze using directional arrows. Some students created their own mazes for the Fuzzies. Who knows, there may be a computer scientist among them!

Oodles of Noodles

October 2017

Students had lots of fun riding, racing, and balancing pool noodles in PE. There were also lots of giggles watching Mrs. Erickson walk holding a noodle with her knees!

Mouse Practice

October 2017

We are getting better and better at using our mouse to make things happen! Here we are creating a personal fireworks display - sound effects and all! We got hungry, so we made some pizza.

Symbaloo & Internet Safety

September 2017

Kindergarten students have been learning to control the computer mouse and navigate our Symbaloo. A Symbaloo is a fun way to organize the sites we visit. Students know that all the sites on the Symbaloo have been previewed by a teacher making it a safe place to visit. Throughout the year new sites are added as skills are learned.

Peter Pickle

September 2017

Peter Pickle is one of many 'games' Kindergarten students use to develop their mouse skills. It takes a lot of concentration and eye hand coordination to pop those bubbles!


August 2017

They passed! Kindergartners received their Internet Driver's Licenses which allows them to drive on the internet highway. They hop in their Chrome browser, rev up the Goggle engine and away they go. Of course, they travel with an experienced driver, so don't worry!

Along with learning to log on and log off, students are getting plenty of mouse practice. Just the other day, they raked up some digital leaves!