Photo Editing 2017-2018

Learning to use PIXLR

April 2018

Students 'built' a house out of a fruit or vegetable, layering it on a suitable background. They then found other images to cut out and added windows, doors and other items to their house. Enjoy!

House Project
Lunapic Project Gallery

Using Lunapic

Students had fun learning to remove a background and place themselves in a new background. They learned to layer shapes for a fun frame on their completed project.

Second Semester Photo Editing

Second semester students have finished their first projects. Using Windows Photo Editor, students have learned the basics.

Student Gallery M/W
Project 1 Student Gallery T/R
Hall of Fame 1st Semester

1st Semester Hall of Fame Gallery

Here is a gallery of the students' best work from throughout the semester.

Project 1 Student Gallery_student copy

Windows Photo Editor

1st Semester Photo Editing 2017.18

Students in Desktop Publishing Explorations class have recently finishing learning some basic techniques using Windows Photo Editor. Here are their first attempts at using this new tool.

I think they did a great job. What do you think?