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2017-2018 School Year

Body Systems

December 2017

Fifth graders created an e-book about the body system they researched in Science. During the process, they reviewed how to move files back and forth from hard drive to cloud, learned how to remove green screen backgrounds and layer images.

Here are links to some of their books.

Miriam K. Grace. B. Brayden G.

Thankful Books

November 2017

Fifth graders learned to use a new tool to create digital books. You can check out a few of them here. Watch for more books in the near future!

Gabby M. Saylor S. Bella B. Miriam K.

Explore the Explorers

October 2017

Fifth graders did a great job with a different kind of presentation tool, VOKI. Students created an avatar and then gave a voice to the avatar with the information they found during their research. They also learned to download images to the hard drive and upload to the cloud.

We hope you enjoy exploring our learning!

2016-2017 School Year

Internet Safety

posted Apr 21, 2017, 8:22 PM

Internet safety is topic we take seriously at Peace. Take a look at the digital notebook 4th graders use to guide their learning. Each student has their own copy to take notes in.

Demo - 4th Grade Internet Safety - Demo Student

Mystery Hangout

posted Jan 4, 2017, 7:42 PM

Fourth graders are busy prepping for their first Mystery Hangout. A 'hangout' is a virtual visit into another classroom somewhere in the United States. Students try to uncover where the classroom is by asking yes-no type questions that narrow the area the class is located in. Students gain skills in strategic thinking, geography and collaboration.

Google Hangouts 2017

Hangout #1, #2 & #3

After a rough start, due to technical difficulties, 4th graders worked as a team to try to figure out where in the US another class was located. Students had to ask closed questions (yes/no answers). To do that efficiently, students had jobs. 'Tweeters' posted comments in classroom as the event unfolded. Students in the 'Think Tank' developed the strategy for what questions to ask, based on the answers given. We had 'Wall Mappers' and 'Online Mappers' marking off the states eliminated. Ask your child what their responsibility was for our first hangout. Jobs will rotate to other students on our next hangout.

In our first hangout, the other class 'won'. They were first to guess we were from Michigan! Our third handout was a win for us! We learned a lot about strategy from the other classes we played against.

This has been an awesome experience!

Hour of Code

posted Dec 4, 2016, 7:29 PM

This year, 4th graders will participate in the tutorials offered through HOUR OF CODE. This is a global movement geared at introducing coding to students. Tutorials are for students of all ages and languages. Peace students will choose from a variety of themed lessons. Some theme choices are: Moana (from Disney), Star Wars, The Foos and Box Island. Stay tuned for some pictures of our future computer scientists!

This video, with it's well known personalities sharing their love for learning, was inspirational to our students.

4th & 5th Grade Thankful Word Clouds

Thankful Word Clouds

posted Dec 2, 2016, 3:18 PM

4th & 5th grade students recently added a new tool to their toolbox. Here is a sampling of their work.