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2017-2018 School Year

Snowmen at Night

Snowmen at Night

January 2018

First graders were inspired to create some digital snowmen after reading "Snowmen at Night" by Caralyn Buehner. They they wrote about what their snowman is busy doing at night.

Sixth grade friends helped record the first graders reading their story. You can hear them by looking for QR codes in the school's commons area on the pillars.

Digital Snowflakes

December 2017

First graders created digital snowflakes using digital scissors and digital paper. Then they used the snipping tool to add their creation to a Google Doc. Such fun - and no mess! Check out their beautiful creations here...

1st Grade Digital Snowflakes
Ana Flores - 1.1_1st Grade Internet Safety_Student

Internet Safety - Going places safely online

October 2017

While learning about internet safety, 1st graders learned how to change the size and color of fonts.

Here is Ana's notebook. All 1st graders have completed a similar notebook.

Mouse Practice

Sorting by dropping and dragging gives our mouse plenty of practice! These are some of the tasks we have been doing in technology.

Home Row

September 2017

Yes, that's where our fingers go! Keyboarding is our technology memory work. We will keep practicing home row until we know it well!

2016 -2017 School Year

Internet Safety

March 2017

Kindergarten students are guided closely as they navigate the internet. At this point in their learning, they are already understanding how to be safe online. Take a look at this interactive notebook. You will be able to see the topics we cover in Kindergarten.

Demo's Notebook

Hour of Code

January 2017

Peace Technology students are participating in the global movement called 'Hour of Code' that introduces computer science to young minds. Kindergarten students are programming a colorful Fuzzy to go through a maze. They are learning the importance of sequencing while they become better problem solvers! Check out these future computer programmers....

Go Noodle

December 2016

We love to GoNoodle! Today we had a special guest join us as we wiggled and giggled. We GoNoodle during PE class.

Mouse Practice

October 2016

Here we are - practicing mouse skills. Mouse control is a vital key to success. Sometimes it's hard to make our cursor go where we want it to. Practice makes it easier!

Virtual Field trip

September 2017

We learned that we could go places safely online. We went to the San Diego Zoo! We didn't have to drive there, but we could still see, hear and learn about animals. Here is what we talked about in our comparison of going to the zoo in our town and our virtual trip.