calling all techno-anachronists, alternate-historians, and the  retrofuture-curious:

GEAR Con is Portland's homegrown celebration of steampunk arts and culture. Experiment PDX is a hands-on scientific cabinet of curiosities for grown-ups, families, and kids. Saturday, July 13, 2024 we unite to bring you an all-day steampunk festivity featuring

Mad art, weird science, & adversarial tea-time!

Gather in good company and odd society for art & science projects, discussions, workshops, games, and more.  Enjoy beloved GEAR Con events like the Scrapheap Challenge, tea duelling, and a demo by Tesla Coil Works; end the day with an evening social and a performance by Professor DR Schreiber the Historical Conjurer! Costumes optional but appreciated. Steampunk creatives come share your endeavors;  artists & vendors click here to apply for an Artist Alley dealer table or email ahead about consigning a selection of your offerings for the day.

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Explore the past that never was--invent the future yet to be

Demo By Tesla Coil Works

This performance displays the brilliantly colored light created by Tesla Coil High Voltage Arcs and Sparks. This is man-made lightning and thunder, only slightly tamed, and is brought close to see the beauty.  --

illusions by The historical conjurer

As a professor of natural philosophy, presenter of experimental conjuring, and exhibitor of legerdemain, Professor DR Schreiber evokes the spirit of early magical performances. His audiences experience illusion and mystery in the same way that 18th, 19th, and early 20th century aristocrats, nobles and elite would have seen it, in their home, mansion, or estate with a private demonstration.  Professor DR Schreiber brings parlor magic back into parlors. | Photo by Glen Bledsoe

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