Sunday July 8 Schedule


Registration Table: 10am - 8pm

Marketplace (Multnomah Falls Room): Noon - 6pm

Salon of the Arts (Wahkeena Falls Room): 11am - 8pm

Fine art show remains open for viewing during scheduled presentations. Original artworks and prints for sale.

Flori's Parlour (Executive Suite, Room #346): 1pm - 6pm

"Tea and symposia." Check in-room schedule for tea duelling, fiction readings, and more mid-day delights. - Flori Lima-Steele and collaborators, with thanks to Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium

10:30am Sunday

Opening Remarks

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

Group Build: Dieselpunk Tripod Tank-Walker

(Crafters’ Lab - Elowah Falls Room)

Wanna build a tank? Are you interested in miniatures and model building? Come learn the essentials of miniatures in practical effects with Geahk Burchill, marionettist and model-maker. Intermediate to advanced: sculpting, shaping, detailing, materials, adhesives, paint techniques, aging, marionette stringing and performance. - Geahk Burchill

11am Sunday

WWI Bombers

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

A video and discussion on the use of Zeppelin bombers in the Great War, and the historical figures who ended the untouchable threat in this original Battle of Britain. - J.R. Boyett

Steampunk for the Casual Fan

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

"Steampunk for the Casual Fan" is a fun, casual slideshow showcasing some of the genre's artwork, crafts, and costumes. Perfect for people who are new to steampunk! - Lindsay Schopfer

Noon Sunday

Submarines: Facts vs Fiction

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

Comparing television, movie, and storybook submarines with actual science and technology to add realism to your Steampunk setting. - Rand Hawkyns

12:30pm Sunday

Tesla Coil Demonstration

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

Feats of high-voltage living history, featuring the singing arc, Jacobs ladder, and more amazing apparatus.- Dr. Professor Anderson

1pm Sunday

GEAR Con 2018 Military Historians Dogpile on WWI

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

Ensemble discussion of the Great War and the era it ushered in. The panel to end all panels. - J.R. Boyett, David Duran-Rios, Gordon E Frye, Rand Hawkyns, Tepan Fyodorovich “Hezârfenzade" İfritoğlu Yoldaş-Paşa, and Dr. Celeste Tian

1:30pm Sunday

Bustle Hustle

(Crafters’ Lab - Elowah Falls Room)

Come to this participatory crafting demonstration and learn all-level, no-sewing-required techniques for making bustles creatively, quickly and easily! - Flori Lima-Steele

2pm Sunday

How To Write Time Travel Fiction

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

Ever wanted to write a time travel story but you were stuck in an infinite loop of procrastination and inspiration? Join time travel authors who can talk about the challenges, the rewards, the theories, and that frustrating moment when you curse your future self because they didn't use their time machine to go back in time and just give you a completed novel. - Esther Mathison (PolyEstherOgen)

3pm Sunday

The Eastside Ripper

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

A steampunk Alternate Portland audio drama presented by Unchained Productions - Shadoe Unchained & co.

Plan 1919

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

A presentation on the ultimate campaign to defeat Germany in the Spring of 1919 by the Western Allies. Discussion of the weapons, technologies, organization and tactics which were evolving to defeat the system of trenches which had stymied both sides during the previous four bloody years of combat. Examples of the weapons and equipment of the infantryman as he evolved at the end of the war will also be presented. - Gordon E Frye

Steampunk Scrapheap Challenge 2018

(Crafters’ Lab - Elowah Falls Room)

GEAR Con's crowd-favorite blind-bag mixed-media art challenge returns! Join a team and use provided parts to conceive and create a steampunk invention. Judges grade on imagination, aesthetics, and creative consumption of supplied materials; winners receive passes to GEAR Con 2019! - Hazard & Kender

4pm Sunday

The Gentleman's Tutorial on Men's Victorian Dress

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

- Pockets

4:30pm Sunday

From Satire to Striptease: The History of Burlesque in the Victorian Era

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

Burlesque from the 1830s to the 1890s usually took the form of a risqué parody. We will talk about the social and cultural changes that evolved this ribald art form. - Vanity Thorn

5pm Sunday

Women's Victorian Fashion

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

Come join us for a one-hour panel on the history and ever changing shape of Victorian women's fashion! - Flori Lima-Steele

6pm Sunday

Airships: What Could Have Been

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

An historical examination of the origins of aerostats, military applications, the technology present at the end of the 18th century, and some reasoned speculation on what might have been had R&D continued after the destruction of Napoleon’s Balloon Corps. - J.R. Boyett

Dead Cosmetic Workshop: Violet Powder

(Crafters’ Lab - Elowah Falls Room)

Resurrect another Dead Cosmetic with Kim Damio of Portland Black Lipstick Company. This year, we'll be re-creating a mid-Victorian era violet-scented powder and (as usual) attendees will be able to take a small quantity home free of charge. Learn why violet powder contains no actual violets!! Let the story of the violet powder poisonings of 1878 chill your blood!! Hear the melancholy story of Violet Powder's descent into modern day obscurity!! Join us and smell fabulous!! - Kimberly Damio

7pm Sunday

Vanity's Vaudeville Vixens Burlesque Revue

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

featuring Satira Sin, Holly Dai, Romeo Bedwell, Judy Patootie, Eva D'Luscious, Kama Chameleon, and Vanity Thorn, with emcee Belinda Carroll and DJ Dirty Mollie

[18+ with photo ID. Entry included with GEAR Con pass or $12 at the door.]

Onions & Orchids - Questions, feedback, and a look ahead

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)