Saturday July 7 Schedule


Registration Table: 9:30am - 10pm

Marketplace (Multnomah Falls Room): Noon - 6pm

Salon of the Arts (Wahkeena Falls Room): 11am - 10pm

Fine art show remains open for viewing during scheduled presentations. Original artworks and prints for sale.

Flori's Parlour (Executive Suite, Room #346): 1pm - 6pm

"Tea and symposia." Check in-room schedule for tea duelling, fiction readings, and more mid-day delights. - Flori Lima-Steele and collaborators, with thanks to Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium

10am Saturday

The Willamette Living History Tour

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

A local tradition of reenactment and remembrance celebrates its eleventh anniversary this year with a visit to the 1920s. Learn how you can take part! - Professor DR Schreiber

Women's Self Defense Workshop

(Gymnasium - Elowah Falls Room)

William Barton Wright brought several arts together to form Bartitsu. Japanese JuiJitsu, Pugilism, Savate and cane fighting. The art was established as a self defense system for the upper class in London. Edith and William Garrud (A gymnastics, boxing and physical culture instructor) would move to London and be introduced to JuiJitsu thru Bartitsu. Eventually the would take over the JuiJitsu school of former Bartitsu instructor Sadakazu Uyenishi. The Women's Suffrage Movement would begin headed by Emmeline Pankhurst and at a Women's Social and Political Union Rally the Garrud's would be invited to speak and demonstrate. By about 1910 Edith Garrud (A tiny woman at 4'-11") was regularly running suffragette-only classes and had written for the WSPU's newspaper, Votes for Women. Her article stressed the suitability of jiu-jitsu for the situation in which the WSPU found itself - that is, having to deal with a larger, more powerful force in the shape of the police and government. Emmeline Pankhurst's bodyguard necessary during the violent outbreaks and resistance to police would be the major students of these classes. At the outbreak of WW1 Pankhurst would suspend the Suffrage movement in order to support the war effort. At the end of the war, in 1918, the Representation of the People Act was finally passed. More than eight million women in the UK were given the vote. But women would not get the same voting rights as men until 1928. A closed-door workshop for women only. - Jeff Richardson - Instructor at Academia Duellatoria

10:30am Saturday

Opening Remarks

(Main Stage- Willamette Falls Ballroom)

11am Saturday

Whose Gear Is It Anyway?

(Main Stage- Willamette Falls Ballroom)

The improvisational, audience-participation theatrical game show where the technology's made up and the history doesn't matter. Join us for an hour of cracked steampunk/Victorian comedy! - Anna Fultz & Capt. Morgan MacDuff

Of Tanks and Trenches: The development of armored combat in the Great War of '14-'18

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

Come learn about the stalemate breakers of the Western Front, the original Landships. Delve into the technological innovations on the Allied and Central powered sides of the war, and the concepts which were at one time scoffed at, and have since become standard fare for modern combat. - David Duran-Rios

Noon Saturday

Steampunk 101

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

What is steampunk? Where did it come from? Steampunk 101 will answer these questions and more. - Jeffrey Cook

Beginner Swing Dance Lessons

(Gymnasium - Elowah Falls Room)

Turns, connection & footwork - Swing Goth

12:30pm Saturday

Tesla Coil Demonstration

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

Feats of high-voltage living history, featuring the singing arc, Jacobs ladder, and more amazing apparatus.- Dr. Professor Anderson

1pm Saturday

Steampunk Your Closet

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

Join us for a one-hour panel about creatively upcycling your wardrobe into steampunk costuming. - Flori Lima-Steele

Elementary Tea Appreciation

(Flori's Parlour - Rm# 346/Executive Suite)

Don't know your green from your black tea? What's the difference between rooibos and herbal teas? Come sit, sniff, sip, and learn. - Angela Hardy

1:30pm Saturday


(Gymnasium - Elowah Falls Room)

The realities of combat during WW1 with artillery fire and trench warfare raids created a necessity for training in close quarters combat. Boxing and hand-to-hand fighting had been organized under skilled instructors in the majority of army camps. In many cases boxing had been made compulsory and given special attention, primarily for the fact that not only could it be used as form of unarmed combat but also because "the science of boxing" was considered intimately related to the business of bayonet-fighting. - Jeff Richardson - Instructor at Academia Duellatoria

2pm Saturday

The Great War in Human Eyes: Military and Civilian perception of the Great War

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

This panel seeks to explore the human aspect of the conflict that opened the 20th century, and will touch on the topics of "the last romantic war", conscript armies, the effect of new battlefield technology on the psyche, and "Shell Shock" (PTSD). - David Duran-Rios Advisory: The causes & after effects of war, combat stress, and PTSD will be heavily discussed in this panel. Attendees should be 16+ y/o due to graphic content.

VMBA WWI Ambulance Project: The Restoration

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

The story of Vancouver Military Barracks Association's recreation of a U.S. Army M1917 Ambulance out of an authentic Model-T and hundreds of volunteer hours. Features photos, blueprints, and Great War artifacts on display. - Jason Sample

2:30pm Saturday

From the Skin Out

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

Discover 19th and early 20th century fashion secrets "From the Skin Out" with this revealing fashion talk! We'll look at images from original photos, Impressionist paintings, museum exhibits, and more as we discover what they were wearing underneath those styles. I will also have intimate garments from my private collection available for viewing during the Q & A time. - Lavender's Green Historic Clothing


(Gymnasium - Elowah Falls Room)

Stand up grappling, locks and throws for close quarters combat. "After a bayonet attack in nine cases out of ten trench or open warfare the men grapple." The realities of warfare turned infantry battles into night raids on enemy trenches. Grappling skills would prove essential. JuiJitsu would become commonly practiced among German and American troops. President Roosevelt recommended that jujutsu "be incorporated with courses of boxing and wrestling at the national institutions". In Italy they would study the methods of Fiore dei Liberi, a medieval master of arms. This is a hands on class in the methods of stand up grappling and throws. - Jeff Richardson - Instructor at Academia Duellatoria

3pm Saturday

Costume Free-For-All Gathering & Photo Op

(sculpture plaza exterior to, and east of, Main Stage)

Showcase your costuming skills, be seen, and pose for photos! Everyone from fashion pros to first-timers is welcome! Photographers, please join us for costume photography as well! - DJ Dirty Mollie

3:30pm Saturday

Weapons of WWI

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

A discussion of the weapons, technologies, organization and tactics that evolved during the First World War, along with examples of many of the weapons in use by the end of the war in 1918. - Gordon E Frye

4pm Saturday

Cece Otto Sings the Songs of WWI

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

Take a musical journey through history with Cecelia Otto, Creator of An American Songline® and 21st-century Vaudeville Singer. Through and engaging mixture of vintage music and timeless stories, Cece brings American history to life, delighting audiences of all ages!

Knife Attacks & Knife Defenses / Victorian Martial Arts Symposium

(Gymnasium - Elowah Falls Room)

"A bayonet charge is a street fight magnified and made ten thousand times more fierce. It becomes on close range almost impossible to use your bayonets." Raids were almost exclusively made at night, surprise attacks on the opposing trenches in which, hopefully, the enemy could be killed or captured without alerting any of their comrades. The weapons "the bayonet, knuckle-dusters, hook knives with which to rip up, daggers for the heart, butchers' knives for the throat" The double edged dagger would be in common issue while The US Military would issue the famous trench knife combining a blade with a set of brass knuckles incorporated in the grip. Enter the world of attacks from behind, knife fighting and knife defenses in this hands on class. We will explore combined Italian, British and American methods. - Jeff Richardson - Instructor at Academia Duellatoria

4:30pm Saturday

Great War Kriegspiel

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

A slide presentation on Kriegspiel (wargames) related to the Great War: Including HG Wells 'Small Wars' rules; Pratchett's Naval Wars; Diplomacy; and much more. - Mulufuf

5pm Saturday

Intermediate Swing Dance Lessons

(Gymnasium - Elowah Falls Room)

Dips, lock and cuddle - Swing Goth

VMBA WWI Ambulance Project: The Ambulance!

(Hotel front lot, exterior to GEAR Con reg. desk)

Step back into the boots of a WWI ambulance driver--not a medic, but a mechanic & driver before driving was an everyday skill! Discover how to operate a century-old automobile, learn the challenges of maintaining it in wartime, and envision transporting wounded in the tiny rear cabin. - Jason Sample

5:30pm Saturday

The Empire Struck Down . . .

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

. . . or, How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Under the Thumb (After They've Seen Verdun)? - Tepan Fyodorovich “Hezârfenzade" İfritoğlu Yoldaş-Paşa and Dr. Celeste Tian

6:30pm Saturday

High Voltage Apparatus Open House

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

An up-close and personal interactive tour of the "Good" Doctor's historical high voltage devices. - Dr. Professor Anderson

7pm Saturday

GEAR Con 2018's Cabaret of Curiosities

(Main Stage - Willamette Falls Ballroom)

featuring Dogwood & Johnstone, Bright And Shiny, and Cascadian Airship, with Cece Otto and DJ Dirty Mollie

7:30pm Saturday

Victoria's Other Secret

(Salon of the Arts - Wahkeena Falls Room)

Not for the faint of heart, this two hour slide show chronicles the history of mental health care in the US in graphic detail. (Some adult content, presenter swears like a sailor--may not be appropriate for children.) - Lady Sinclair