Visit the Saturday- and Sunday-specific pages to view GEAR Con's hourly schedule of activities, with descriptions. Click here for a less-detailed program grid you can print at home (PDF, prints best at 8.5" x 14"--legal size). Please note that Good Co. is no longer appearing in the Cabaret of Curiosities concert/ball (Sat. 7pm on Main Stage).


Cabaret of Curiosities

Included in your ticket, The Cabaret of Curiosities is GEAR Con's centerpiece concert/ball, an onstage wunderkammer featuring live performances drawn from the ever-broadening spectrum of steampunk music. This year's lineup features mythpunk baladeers Dogwood & Johnstone, Cece Otto singing the songs of WWI, Portland's own steampunk rock band Cascadian Airship, and Bright & Shiny's whimsitragical dark cabaret sound, plus steamy swinging dance floor sets by GEAR Con's own DJ Dirty Mollie to tie the night together.

The Cabaret of Curiosities takes place in our main event ballroom the night of Saturday, July 7th.

Vanity's Vaudeville Vixens

Vanity's Vaudeville Vixens steampunk burlesque revue is the adults-only nightcap on our weekend's festivities. Performances by the illustrious: Satira Sin, Holly Dai, Romeo Bedwell, Judy Patootie, Eva D’Luscious, Kama Chameleon, and Vanity Thorn!

Vanity's Vaudeville Vixens takes place in our main event ballroom the night of Sunday, July 8th. Attendance is $12 at-door -or- included with your GEAR Con pass. Must be 18+ to attend.

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Check the hourly schedule for more entertainments like Whose Gear Is It Anyway and The Eastside Ripper.

Programming Tracks

Theme Track: The Great War

(Throughout our venue and program)

For 2018, GEAR Con commemorates the end of the war that did not, alas, end all wars, but changed forever how we think about warfare. Join our assemblage of historians, scholars, writers, and reenactors to explore the history, technology, legacy, and fantastic dimensions of the First World War.

Victorian Martial Arts Symposium VI

(Saturday 7/7 - Elowah Falls Room - 10am to 5pm, with periodic breaks.)

Academia Duellatoria presents an intensive in 19th and early 20th Century combatives, including a special focus on techniques from the trenches of WWI.

The Crafters' Lab

(Sunday 7/8 - Elowah Falls Room - all day)

The Crafters' Lab is where GEAR Con's artists & artisans share their knowledge and foster your creativity. Attend hands-on workshops on prop-building, costuming, and more.

General Steampunk Arts & Culture

(Throughout our venue and program)

Panels, presentations, demonstrations, etc., spanning the breadth of steampunk creativity & fandom, early modern/Industrial history, and lifestyle neo-Victoriana.