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July 7-8, 2018 | University Place Hotel, Portland, OR

Thanks for a fantastic year! Stay tuned for announcements and updates.

Year eight: The great war

This year, Portland's steampunk extravaganza is observing the centennial of the WWI armistice, exploring steampunk militaria, and looking ahead to dieselpunk retrofuturism! Join us for a full weekend of steampunk art, culture, and community, featuring performances and appearances by, Dogwood & Johnstone, Cece Otto, Bright & Shiny, DJ Dirty Mollie, Vanity's Vaudeville Vixens, Academia Duellatoria, "Historical Conjurer" Prof. DR Schreiber, military historian Gordon Frye, master of lightning Dr. Professor Anderson, retrofuturist historians Mahometan & Celestial LLC., artist/maker extraordinaire Geahk Burchill, and more GEAR Con friends old & new.

Packed with workshops, costumes, dealers, games, entertainments, and more, GEAR Con is a full weekend of steampunk art, culture, and community.

Join us as early as 9:30am this Saturday, 7/7 at University Place Hotel, 310 SW Lincoln Street in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon; see the Hotel page for more venue information and travel/transit directions.

Explore the past that never was--invent the future yet to be