2019's gear con is postponed

We'll present a Portland-area steampunk event this September, watch for updates.

Looking back at Year eight: The great war

In 2018, Portland's steampunk extravaganza observed the centennial of the WWI armistice, explored steampunk militaria, and looked ahead to dieselpunk retrofuturism! Hundreds of Pacific Northwest steampunkers joined us for a full weekend of steampunk art, culture, and community, featuring performances and appearances by, Dogwood & Johnstone, Cece Otto, Bright & Shiny, DJ Dirty Mollie, Vanity's Vaudeville Vixens, Academia Duellatoria, "Historical Conjurer" Prof. DR Schreiber, military historian Gordon Frye, master of lightning Dr. Professor Anderson, retrofuturist historians Mahometan & Celestial LLC., artist/maker extraordinaire Geahk Burchill, and more GEAR Con friends old & new.

Explore the past that never was--invent the future yet to be