Phase 2 Launch

Phased Launch Plan

The new is launching in a two-phase launch plan. The first phase (Phase 1 sites) launched on April 14th, so the site is now mixed between the current and the new

Phase 2 sites (the rest of the sites) will be transitioning and launching over the next couple of months. If you submitted a site build request and weren't in Phase 1, then your site is in Phase 2.

What to expect

4/15/20 Update :

Site owners for sites that have submitted site build requests will be contacted in the next week with complete instructions to begin transitioning their sites into the new platform.

So long as your site has submitted a build request, you will be part of this process and will be contacted. Any site users included on the request are in the required training pipeline to learn how to use the new All users who will have access to create site content must have completed accessibility training.

What can I do now?

Check on training completion

We are prioritizing sites with users that have gone through the training process. As such, make sure your users have completed training. Check with the individual users themselves, please. They should know if they've completed training.

Training is in D2L and consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Digital Accessibility Basics: This is a required first step. It consists of 5 videos with 5 followup quizzes. A user must pass all 5 quizzes with 100% to complete the training. The Web Communications Team will automatically be notified and the user will be added to the next step of training. The process is manual, though, so sometimes can take a few days.
  • Part 2: Enterprise CMS Training: This is a quiz-style training where users will take a multiple choice quiz using the resource materials provided to answer the questions. The goal is not so users memorize the content, but instead so they know where to find resources and answers to their questions when working on their site. The quiz(es) must be passed with 100% to complete the course. When complete, the Web Communications Team will automatically be notified.

Please note: so long as a site has at least one user, it will be prioritized. Once a site is ready for access, any users that have completed both sets of training will get access to the site.

Get your videos captioned and transcripted

Between now and launch, the OIT is offering free video captioning. However, your request must be submitted and approved before the Phase 2 launch. Learn more about free video captioning.

Verify your PDFs are accessible

All content on a site must be made accessible to users with disabilities according to the WCAG 2.0 standards. It is both PSU Policy and Federal Law. This includes PDFs.

Use your resources to ensure the accessibility of all PDF documents you want to link to on your site. You can also schedule a 1:1 appointment with the IT Accessibility Coordinator if you have questions about how to make your PDFs accessible.

Next steps

We will continue to update this page when more information becomes available. In the meantime, follow the steps above so once your site is ready, your users can hit the ground running to build it!


For using and maintaining your site

All site training materials and support resources can be found on the Web Team's Support Resources. Along with the support documents, there are links to:

For making your site accessible

Digital accessibility resources can be found on the Digital Accessibility Guides and Resources page of the Accessibility site. You can also reach out to the IT Accessibility Coordinator at