Course Project

Week 4 Assignment -

Assignment this week is to contact city, county, metro or other professional related to your project, share your proposed solution and seek their opinion. Calling is fine - report your results.



The purpose of the class project is to learn how to work effectively with your local transportation agencies to get things done in your neighborhood.

For this project, you will select one thing related to transportation in your community that you think could be better. If it were up to you, how would you improve the issue? What do you think a good solution would be?

Through the course of the project, we will walk through the process of developing that solution in partnership with your local agencies and moving it forward to


Your project can be very specific in scope: a single square of uneven sidewalk on your block that needs leveling or a single intersection that could use better lighting. It can run the length of a corridor, such as improving traffic signal timing along a street or creating a new bikeway. Or it or it can be city-wide in nature, such as introducing a new program like Street Seats or changing a specific transportation policy.

The important thing is that you are familiar enough with your site to have a first-hand understanding of the problem and ideas about what a solution to that problem would look like.


  • Q: Can we work in teams?
  • A: Sure.

  • Q: Does the project have to be in my neighborhood?
  • A: It can be anywhere within the City of Portland that you are personally familiar with.

  • Q: Does the project have to be something that could be implemented or completed by the end of this class?
  • A: No. Transportation projects, big and small, can take time – sometimes a long time. The aim is to get a well-thought-out ball off and rolling.

  • Q: I pitched my class to a city agency staff person and they said “No.”
  • A: That’s great! You should expect to be told “no” at least three times before getting your project accepted. Consider yourself well on your way towards collecting that all-important third ‘no,” after which you can expect things to really start happening.


This class partnered with local blog to profile three student projects from 2016 that illustrate some of the variety in class projects.

  • Parking Benefit Districts (by Charlie Tso): A city-wide program for neighborhoods that implement residential and other types of parking permits and parking meters. The program would make it so that most (51%-100%) of the parking revenues would be reinvested in the neighborhood for transportation demand management or small infrastructure improvements.

Want to submit your project via Dropbox? Click the link below to upload it to the PSU Traffic & Transportation Shared Dropbox folder below:

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