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  • A poem by Diane Tehrani
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Love is as Blue as the Feathers of Honesty inspired by “Where is the Friend’s House?” of Sohrab Sepehri

The plumage that protects and propels --

two-three times the weight of skeletally hollow

air-sack like bones of a bird -- drives honesty.

The true blue exterior vaned plumes of philia

insulate from water and cold temperatures.

It is a friend bond freely chosen

of common values, interests, and activities --

the happiest and most fully human for ancient peoples,

the crown of life and school of virtue.

The underneath vaned outer feathers

cushioning baby blue soft fluffy down storge

trap air and insulate thermally.

The empathy bond through familiarity of family

members consists of relating in familiar ways as mother to child.

Nine-tenths of solid lasting human happiness

comes to be expected irrespective of behavior and natural consequences,

often tempered by the fractured love of siblings,

basking in love of spouse, and preoccupations of aging.

The flight feathers of wing,

of sky blue agape

stiffen to work against air,

the absolute magnificent force

driving forward and upward

of unrelenting and unconditional

charity in spite of circumstance.

The flight feathers of tail in downstroke

of steely blue eros

yield in other directions

of being in love,

not raw sexuality

but wanting a particular partner

vs. wanting a partner.

Love is as blue as the feathers of honesty.

A Poem by: Tagi Sagafi-nejad