CALT 2018 Conference

Portland, Oregon

October 19-20, 2018

This website provides you with the information you need to register, submit a proposal, and learn about PSU and Portland.

If you have questions, please email!

At the Portland CALT conference, you can attend the following sessions:

  • Show Your Work: A Framework for Implementing Portfolio Assessment in Second Language Classrooms
  • Assessment for Learning in Academic Misconduct: Building Fair and Developmental Misconduct Processes
  • Assessments for Academic Discussions with/for Lower-Level ELLs
  • Creating Strong Reading Assessments: Adapting texts and designing test items to reach your goals
  • Peer-Feedback and Self-Assessment: Strategies That Work
  • Assessing Speaking Performance through Recorded Projects
  • An Assessment Alternative? Testing TOEFL Vocabulary Using Moodle Quizzes
  • Moving Away from Analytic Rubrics: The Journey to More Feedback
  • Testing Skills, Not Tasks: Preparing Students for Valid Assessment
  • Assessing Speaking with Flipgrid