Course Selection

regional program course selection


  • Once accepted into a program, you must choose the correct courses for your Regional Program in myBlueprint by February 21, 2019. You will have received an acceptance email listing the courses you must choose.


  • Once accepted into a program, you must complete a Registration Form (found here) and a Course Selection Sheet (found below) and bring it to T.L. Kennedy by February 21, 2019.
  • A copy of the listed registration documents (as listed on the Registration Form) must also be brought in as part of your package.
RLCP Course Selection.pdf

TLK student course selection for 2019-2020

It is time to choose your courses for NEXT school year. Below is a video that will help you through the process.

Website: myBlueprint (login through BYOD)

Dates: Mon. Dec. 3rd - Fri. Jan. 11th

*You MUST submit a sign off sheet that is signed by a parent/guardian

*You MUST select courses if you are planning to return to TLK next year

*You MUST choose courses for which you have a PRE-REQUISITE

*For more resources, look here

Course Selection Video.mp4