Camp Possible

Camp Possible is a brand-new camp designed specifically for students enrolled in special education programs. Camp Possible is what the name suggests, anything is possible, and students will have the opportunity with their families to choose their own programs. Options have been designed to spark students’ interests, passions and talents. The Camp offers everything from cake decorating to yoga, Bitmoji Camp to Jedi Camp, how to write Chinese Characters to Coding. Students can select programs based on their interests and learn a new skill while just having fun. We are very excited about this new Camp for our students enrolled in Special Education, and our hope is to provide our students with a fun, enjoyable on-line learning experience. We would like as many families as possible to have an opportunity and will be offering these new no cost camps weekly. Please feel free to sign up for a number of the camps, however it will depend on how many apply to each camp as most sessions are limited. We will do our best to ensure all applicants have at least one opportunity to join a camp.

Click on the following link to sign up for your camp. Please note, online registration opens at various notes noted below, beginning at 9:00 am in July 20, 2020.

Ages for the Camp – Grade 1 to age 21 still enrolled in school

Dates for the Camp

Week 1 - July 22 – July 24

Week 2 - July 27 – July 31

Week 3 - August 4 – August 7

Week 4 - August 10 – August 14

Week 5 - August 17 – August 21

Registration – registration will begin on the morning of July 20th with registration for each week being released each hour.

Week 1 – 9AM

Week 2 – 10am

Week 3 – 11am

Week 4 – 1pm

Week 5 – 2pm