Ms Bonnar's Geography Class

A little bit about Geography at Cawthra Park SS...

The focus of the Canadian and World Studies curriculum is the development of ways of thinking and of transferable skills that students need in order to acquire and apply knowledge and understanding about their community, nation, and world. Students apply methods of thinking and skills to examine information critically; to assess the significance of events, developments, and processes; to develop an understanding of and respect for different points of view; to reach supportable conclusions; and to propose solutions to, and courses of actions to address, real problems.

A little bit about Ms Bonnar...

I love global geography and have backpacked through some amazing countries! I have been to Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Nepal, India, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA, England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Spain, France, Costa Rica and St Lucia.

I've been quite a few places in Canada beyond Ontario. These places include Nunavut, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, PEI, and New Brunswick. I've tried to do as many hiking/canoeing/camping trips as possible on my travels.

At home, my husband and I have two daughters and an Airedale Terrier named Sailor.

*Parents and Guardians - I would love to connect with you . I can reached at school at 905 274 1271 ext 464, or by email at