Collaborative Professionalism in Action at Gordon Graydon Senior Public School

Building a Community of Learners Through

Voice, Choice and Trust

General Overview

This site was developed as a result of the purposeful co-learning that has taken place at Gordon Graydon Senior Public School over the 2016-2017 school year. It is composed of many pages, all describing and reflecting our journey of small group inquiries from the very beginning.

Thanks the to Collaborative Inquiry Project Grant from the Peel District School Board for supporting this project.

*To learn more about this funding please visit the bottom of this page.

Our Vision

Leveraging exemplary practices through collaborative professionalism and the sharing of ideas to improve teaching and learning.

Theory of Action

If we listen carefully to students' reflections as they respond to real life problem-solving within open tasks, draw out their ideas and encourage them to clarify their thinking by asking questions and using intentional talk, we extend and challenge their thinking. Then we will create math talk communities where students are able to make sense of the mathematics they are learning and gain confidence as mathematicians as they consolidate and demonstrate their thinking and application of skill.

Small-Group Inquiry Project Stakeholders:

Giselle Blain - @GiselleBlain


Gordon Graydon Sr. Public School

Wendy Nearing @WPeelsb

Instructional Coach

Curriculum and Instruction Support Services

Anna Taormina


Gordon Graydon Sr. Public School

We are all in this together.


Collaborative Professionalism PPM No.159

Using the small-group inquiry structure by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels, author of "Comprehension and Collaboration", we were able to build a shared understanding of what collaborative professionalism meant and to provide a context in which to work together to further improve student achievement.

CI Proposal Gordon Graydon - Jim%27s edits.docx

Collaborative Professionalism at Gordon Graydon Senior Public School...

Presented below is what staff said when asked what "Collaborative Professionalism" means to them, aligned with the Ontario Ministry of Education's (2016) definition for the term:

Below are additional staff statements about the meaning of "Collaborative Professionalism" that sit outside of the definition:

  • "Takes place in a wide range of contexts"
  • "Being lifelong learners and open to accept ideas of others"
  • "Trying new things"
  • "Sometimes you don't have destination to start"
  • "Taking risks to grow in our professional practice"
  • "Shared experiences"
  • "Making connections"

Project Funding

Funding to support this inquiry came from Board Issued Release Days as well as a Collaborative Inquiry Project Grant, whose proposal was co-constructed with staff. The grant team included the following staff: Giselle Blain, Wendy Nearing, James Cash, Kami Fevery and Heather Mathieson. We requested the maximum $5000.00 allowed of funding for our inquiry. The funding was used to cover supply costs for both teachers and teaching assistants.

Proposal Summary

Purpose: We are transforming the culture at Gordon Graydon by providing educators with voice and choice in their learning. We are optimizing the conditions for learning and working by providing release time and resources (human resources, time and professional learning resources). This model of professional learning values all voices and is consistent with a shared responsibility to transform culture and provide equitable access to all.

Goal: Our goal is to build professional capacity at all levels.

Comments & Questions

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