Grade 3 Roller Coaster Inquiry

We started off by meeting with Ms. Pennarun & Mrs. Wadsworth to discuss the expectations, big ideas and learning goals in the Grade 3 curriculum.

Then Mrs. Augot and Mrs. Lagerquist planned out the mini challenges.

After each challenge their was a video reflection on flipgrid or seesaw.

Challenge #1: Pipe cleaner Structure

Students explored Strength & Stability while creating a structure made only of pipe cleaners.

Challenge #2: Mystery Bag Structure

Students were given a bag of materials and they had to create the highest structure they could while still maintaining the strength and stability.

We were surprised to see many students use the bag that the materials came in as part of their structure.

Challenge #3: Newspaper Stool

Students had to create a stool made out of newspaper that was strong enough to hold their teachers.

One reflection on the newspaper stool challenge:

Challenge #4: Roller Coaster Online Designer & Roller Coaster Research

Half of the students used a Roller Coaster Simulator online to test out different coaster designs while the other half did research about roller coasters then they switched.

Challenge #5: Building with K'Nex & LittleBits

Half of the students experimented with creating a chain mechanism with the K'Nex and the other half explored circuits with LittleBits then they switched.

Hangout with an Engineer:

Students come up with questions for our Google Hangout with an engineer.

Thanks to Lisa Crowfoot (the Roller Coaster Engineer) for answering all of our questions.

It was such an amazing experience connecting with her.

Starting to build....