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After School Clubs

By: Montana Burack and Zachary Minter

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Are you looking for a place to get help with your homework? Or just a fun place to go after school and do something you're interested in? MASA is there for you. From Open Gym to Art Club, there are a ton of things to do after school. With a bus to take you home, why not go? MASA is free for all TJMS students.

Homework Help

Homework Help, and Homework Help in Math is there to help with any of your homework needs. It is a great place to go if you need a place to focus and get your work done. Teachers are always there to help you!

If you ever need any help with homework, or you just want to go to a quiet place with no distractions so that you can get it done, homework help runs Monday-Thursday, and homework help in math every Tuesday and Thursday. Also if you are busy afterschool, feel free to go to homework help in the mornings from 7-7:30 Monday-Thursday (on red days).

"It is useful because the room is empty. It is hard in normal class to focus. Here we can answer more questions and you get to learn math from a different perspective. Mrs. Christopher and I are here to help if you need it, with homework or studying or understanding more in math."

Mr. Cohn

"Because you’re not doing anything better for an hour afterschool, the classroom is cool, you get snacks, and get your work done!"

Mr. Heise

“Come to clear up any questions you have in class, especially if you are a little too shy to ask questions in class. It is a good one on one opportunity to work with a teacher."

Mrs. Hurner

Open Gym

Open Gym, a place to hang out and have fun playing the games that you like, and learning some new sports too. And why is it so great?

Because its fun! And you get to play sports!

Mr. Duca

Open Gym is fun because we can play around without anyone telling us not to.

Alejandro Reynoso, 8th Grader

It's always accepting new people, feel free to stop by on Tuesdays and have fun playing sports.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a fun and awesome strategic and storytelling fantasy game where you make up a story and have a ton of fun!

Dungeons and Dragons is a place where students create a living fantasy novel, the dungeon master is the author and the players are the characters in the books, it's like a "choose your own adventure novel"

Niko Jensen

Dungeons and Dragons that goes on Monday-Thursday so feel free to stop by and let your imagination run wild!

Art Club

Do you like art? Then we have a club for you! Making glass sun catchers, painting, and working with clay are some of the many things that are done in this amazing club.

Come here to be creative. Stone sculptures, ceramics, stained glass, we do all kinds of projects. We are a fun group of people!

Mrs. Bambrough

So go on Wednesdays to unleash your creative side by making some really cool art projects and meeting some amazing people!

Weight Lifting

Are you interested in learning how to weight-lift properly? Are you interested in becoming stronger? Weightlifting club is a great place to learn how to weight-lift or get ready to play your favorite sport!

Do this club to: gain knowledge on how to properly lift things up and put them down; become more physically fit/stronger; and to set goals for yourself;


Weightlifting Club is a great opportunity to learn how to weight-lift, get stronger, or to do some conditioning. It meets every Wednesday, so if you are interested go check it out!

RC Club

Do you like cars? Are you interested in learning new tricks and building jumps? Then this is the club for you. It is a fun way to learn new skills, play with cars, and have fun!

RC Club is fun. You get to meet new people that know what they are doing and play with cool cars!

Alex Bison, 8th grader and Marcelos White, 9th Grader

So go to RC club to let your inner car geek go free on Wednesdays.

Ping Pong Club

If you like ping pong, or want to learn how to, or you simply want to have fun, ping pong club is for you!

If you like ping pong, come to ping pong club! Work on your hand-eye coordination, or practice hitting a ball over a net, make friends, meet new people, or meet the same people repeatedly!


Whether you want to test or improve your skills, ping pong club goes on every Thursday after school so go check it out.


Are you a member of the LGBTQ community or an ally? Then GSA club is the club for you!

“ GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance. This club is to create a safe environment where students can be themselves, and also to build bridges amongst students and educate them about LGBTQ issues, also we work on helping our community to better understand the issues that pertain to the LGBTQ+ community.”

Mr. Clayton

Join this club to express yourself, or your support the LGBTQ+ community, and learn about issues that pertain to this topic, overall, this is a great club so go on white Tuesdays!

Book Club

Do you like to read? Are you interested in meeting other avid readers? Book Club is a great opportunity to make new friends and have a blast!

"We have fun and it is a safe environment to talk about books."


"Join Book Club to talk to friends and meet new people."

Margo Silverstein, 9th grader

So join Book Club on Tuesdays and open up a good book.

Money Club

Are you interested in starting your own company one day? Do you want to know how you can make a lot of money? Go to money club to learn about business and how you can prepare for a more financially secure future, and how you can start now.

“Go to Money club since you learn about money things you will need in your future future. You learn how to be more financially prepared. This club allows students to be happy with their money choices in the future. You have manage money in the future why not start now. Money club also allows students to invest and learn the importance of owning a company.”

McNeil Moreno, 9th Grader

Go to Money Club after School on Thursdays to learn how to make a lot of money.

Winter Sports Season

By: Zachary Minter

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Winter Sports Season is finally here! People are getting their gear ready to go out and ski, snowboard, skate, bobsled, luge, whatever! The season is here, and whatever takes your fancy you can finally go out and do. What do our students think of the season.

"I think it will open up a new opportunity for the winter, but it will bring in more traffic."

AJ Silianoff, 8th Grader

"I think it's great, and everyone is really excited for the winter sport season to start."

Josie Randall, 8th Grader

"I hate it, I don't like to be cold"

Hazel Cook, 8th grader

Whatever you do think of the season it, brings a lot to our community. Traffic, and tourists, yes. But Sundance, Snow, and actually quite a bit of money. Park City has some of the best Ski Resorts in the US according to We also have Sundance, the biggest independent film festival in America! Ski Season is here and the best we can do is gear up, get as warm as we can, and maybe enjoy a nice hot chocolate.

How to get Homework Done

By: Montana Burack

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You’re stuck on a math problem. You have to write an essay. You need to study for a test. But you can’t. This happens to all of us. Whether you can’t focus because it is too loud, or you just don’t understand your work, there are many ways to get help with your homework or get a quiet place to study.

Homework Help:


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after school


Mrs. Hurner, Mr. Heise, and other teachers

Tuesdays-Thursdays after school, there is always homework help. The teachers are there to help you. They will always answer any questions you have. Mrs. Hurner, Mr. Heise, and other teachers are there to help you understand the material better and get the homework done. If you don’t need help and just need quiet, homework help is always quiet. Better yet, there are free snacks and a bus to take you home afterward!

Homework Help in Math:


Tuesdays and Thursdays after school


Mr.Cohn and Mrs.Christopher

Same thing as homework help, but in math! Mr.Cohn and Mrs.Christopher are there to help you review for a test, help you with your math homework, or use the quiet room to do your homework, with free snacks and a bus to take you home afterward.

Homework help in the mornings


From 7-7:30am Monday-Thursday (on red days).


Mrs. Hall

If you are busy after school or get to school early in the mornings, homework help in the mornings is a great opportunity to get help from a teacher in the morning. Whether you’re taking the bus, or you get dropped off a while before school starts, feel free to stop by in the mornings and use otherwise boring time to do some homework! Even if can only stop by for a few minutes, it is a great way to get work done.



(make sure to check adaptive scheduler to see where/if you are called)

Regardless if you are here early in the morning or if you can stay after school, Advisory is a time we all have. Use your time wisely. If you need to finish an assignment ask your teacher if you can be called. Otherwise, get some work done in advisory by tuning out distractions and doing any work.

At home:

If you did not finish your homework at any of the times above, you can always get work done at home. Make sure to do your work in a quiet place without distractions. Plan your time to get homework done, along with your busy schedule.