Prescott Pledge

Our Goals for PSES students are

* Learn from every experience and become better from what we learn.

* Have knowledge to scaffold fundamental steps in learning new concepts.

* Using effective teaching strategies and technologies that focus on students' personalized goals.

* Encourage students to use their strengths to develop their weaknesses.

*Motivate and cultivate the needs of the whole child.

*Provide a variety of learning and life experiences.

* Use community resources to meet the needs of the whole child.

* Not focus on student limits, but what they can achieve.

* Find ways for students to succeed within their own abilities.

* Teach students to explore, discover, create, and improve.

Prescott Pledge

Today I come

Ready to earn

Knowledge to help me

Grow and learn.

Now I pledge

The rules to obey,

Inside, outside,

During work and play.

I'll respect my teachers

And classmates too.

I'll strive for success

The whole day through.


At Prescott South Elementary the rules are simple, just B.A.R.K.

B.- Be ready

A.- Act responsibly

R.- Respect others

K.- Keep safe