Individual Counseling

Counselors work with students, teachers, and parents to assist students in the following areas:

Individual Student Planning

Interpersonal Skills

  • To learn appropriate social skills
  • To learn how to appropriately express feelings
  • To learn conflict resolution skills
  • To learn how to cooperate within a group

School Success Skills

  • To develop a positive attitude about school and learning
  • To learn how to set goals and priorities
  • To be academically successful

Career Awareness

  • To understand and value the world of work
  • To understand the correlation between interests, abilities and occupations

Community Involvement

  • To appreciate one's home, school, and community and to be a positive contributing member of one’s environment

Responsive Services

Teacher Consultation

In addition to providing direct classroom instruction, the school counselor assists and consults with teachers in areas such as: response to intervention, guidance related activities, group dynamics, behavior management, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, student assistance team efforts, special school-wide activities, and special committees.

Parent Consultation

The school counselor is available to all parents of our students. Some of the areas in which we may work together are: new student orientation, home school relations, helping students achieve success academically, personally, socially and in a future career, self-esteem building, parenting issues, dealing with crisis, referrals to community agencies.

System Support

Students who need or desire more work in developmental guidance, or on other issues, may participate in individual or group counseling sessions with the school counselor.

Some of the more common issues taken up in counseling include: building self-esteem, improving peer relations, improving communication skills, making better choices, becoming a better student, coping with change, dealing with stress, coping with separation and divorce, dealing with loss, coping with crisis, and anger management.