Classroom Guidance

Guidance lessons will be posted throughout the year on the website as they are delivered in the classroom. Parents and guardians will know the subjects that are discussed and additional information will be provided to encourage those behaviors at home.

  • Regular classroom instruction is provided to students and is reinforced by teachers. Guidance lessons in the academic, career, personal/social domains, and global citizenship are aligned with the American School Counseling Association standards, the Arkansas Comprehensive Guidance Framework, and are based upon K-12 academic standards.
  • The School Environment
    • To become familiar with facilities and procedures
    • To learn more about the school counseling program and the role of the school counselor
  • Self and Others
    • To understand characteristics, abilities and interests
    • To recognize and respect the feelings, needs and uniqueness of others
  • Attitudes and Behaviors
    • To understand how feelings and behaviors are related to consequences
    • To learn how behavior can be changed, if desired
  • Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
    • To understand the decision-making and problem-solving process
    • To know when and how to ask for help