Fourth Grade

Program Practice

Recorder Materials

Fourth Grade Music Goals:

  • Pitch – Be able to identify, read, notate and perform so1-la1-do-re-mi-so-la-do1 notes. Be able to sing tunes, songs, intervals and melodic passages in tune. Be able to read fixed pitches in the treble clef. Be able to play those pitches on the recorder.
  • Tempo – Be able to follow, maintain and establish fast medium and slow tempo. Be able to show beat through movement. Be able to conduct 2/4, ¾, 4/4 and 6/8 patterns.
  • Rhythm – Be able to distinguish, identify, read, notate and perform quarter notes, eighth notes, quarter rest, sixteenth notes, dotted quarter and dotted eight notes both in isolation and within the context of a song.
  • Dynamics – Be able to distinguish between, identify, and produce soft, medium and loud sounds and voice. Be familiar with the terms piano, forte, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, pianissimo and fortissimo.
  • Movement – Be able to clap, move, and dance while singing.
  • Harmony – Be able to clap, sing or play (on Orff instruments) harmonic accompaniments and ostinato patterns. Be able to sing rounds. Be able to switch between melody and harmonic accompaniment.
  • Instrumentation - Be able to identify wind, brass, string and percussion instruments both visually and aurally.
  • Form – Be able to recognize forms and patterns in songs.
  • Improvisation – Be able to improvise on using known rhythmic and melodic elements. Be able to create movement that reflects focused listening.
  • Expression - Be able to produce moods and emotions through singing and musical performance.
  • Cultural Diversity and Heritage - Learn songs from a variety of different cultures and heritages.