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March 19th, 2020

Hi K-2 Parents,

Wow! Thank you for everything you are doing this week. We are now fellow teachers, and I miss you all so much! This email contains a lot of information, but please read it. I wanted to send ONE longer email, rather than many short ones. This is new territory, so please email or call with any questions or concerns.

Creating a Daily Routine and Preparing your Child:

Establishing a daily routine for school will help make this transition easier for your child. Waking up, doing school lessons, having a snack, and having lunch at the same time each day can help. I am attaching an editable template, where your family can create a daily schedule that works for you. I am also attaching two example schedules. If you are able to, please:

· Create a schedule

· Go over the schedule with your child this weekend, so s/he knows what to expect each day next week

· Print off a copy of the schedule and post it where it is accessible, or save it on an iPad or computer, so you and your child can refer to it each day.

Creating Consistency

If you can, use the same area in your home for learning each day. Maybe that area is at the kitchen table, in the living room on a coffee table, or somewhere else. Consistency can help your child transition.

Class Lessons – Complete Each School Day

I am attaching a document that has instructions for each day next week. It includes additional activities that are optional.

Next week, there will be a video or videos on SeeSaw for your child to watch each school day. You will need to ‘pause’ at different points to complete activities. Instructions:

· Watch the video on SeeSaw and do the activities that correspond with my instructions.

· When I say ‘pause’, you will pause the video and your child will complete an activity.

· At the end of each day, email me the activities completed for that day.


Each day I will take attendance. To show your child attended class, please email me the items it says to email each day, and watch the SeeSaw video each day.

I will also be available for questions via text, phone call or email. If I don’t respond right away, I will respond when I see a missed message.

Thank you for everything you are taking on right now,

Ingrid Bonner

March 16-19 Offsite Learning Plans are Below

Hi K-2 Families,

To help ensure your child continues learning over the break, I am providing some online resources for you to use. I know they may not be ‘perfect’, but I encourage you to use them. I estimate these activities will take 2-3 hours/day. I am also sending you a copy of the class reading log. Please continue to record minutes read each day on the log or on a sheet of paper. The goal is 15/day for grades 1 and 2, and 10 minutes/day for grade K.

Please email or call if you have any questions.

I wish everyone the best,

Ingrid Bonner

April 28th

Happy Tuesday!

Please send in 30-40 photos of your child for an end-of-the-year project, on or before Tuesday, May 7th. 20 photos from the last two years, and ten other photos would be perfect. They can be photos with family, cooking, doing projects, etc. We are going to be creating ABC scrapbooks with the photos. Please let me know if you’re unable to bring photos, and we can make another plan together!

I am preparing for the Last Book Order of the year! Please place your order before 7p.m. on Tuesday, May 14th. You can order online with the code QJMYK.

Math: This week in math, we are studying measurement and data. The students are learning about the customary US system (inches, feet, yards, miles) and the metric system (millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers). We will also learn about graphing this week; pictographs, bar graphs, and pie charts.

Reading and Writing: This week students will be working on opinion writing: ‘Is the rain forest a good place for a field trip?’ They will use evidence to support their opinions based, on a book we have been reading in class.

Grade K - Words to Know: too, our, take, off, show, day. We are studying magic e.

Grade 1 – We are learning about the suffixes -ful, -ly, and –y; quickly, hopeful, dusty…

Grade 2 – We are studying words with ai, ay, igh and y; aim, thigh, bright, sly, etc.

Ingrid Bonner

March 19th

Happy Tuesday!

Today I sent home several books with students. If your child goes home with a book today, and it is not Pine Creek School’s (the school books have labels), s/he may keep it!

We continue to study animals. This week, each student learned about his/her animal’s natural habitat. Each first and second grade student also began recording and defining terms about his/her animal for a glossary. Each child’s glossary will be part of his/her non-fiction book! This week each student also created a cover page for his/her final book.

Ingrid Bonner

February 19th

Happy Tuesday!

We have started to research animals, and each student will be creating a non-fiction book on his/her animal. The project will take several weeks, and we are currently in the ‘research’ phase. Last week, each first and second grade student chose an animal, came up with questions about his/her animal, and listed ways s/he could research. We also discussed how authors can take over a year to research, and how they choose only the ‘best’ information for their books.

This week, students will begin reading and taking notes. Kindergarten will do their project together with me, as a group. When we finally put our non-fiction books together, they will have a table of contents, glossary, and several other components! During this project, we will learn about:

- Title Page/Cover Page

- Glossaries and Alphabetical Order

- Illustrations vs. Photographs

- Table of Contents

- Captions and Headings

- Plagiarism

- Note Taking

- Text Evidence

- Author’s Intent

As part of this project, I encourage students to take a photograph of their animal, if they happen to see it in nature, on a family trip, etc. If your child takes a photograph of his/her animal, please email it to me: ibonner@pcs19.org. When we put our books together, the photograph will be part of the book. Your child chose to study ______________________________________.

Upcoming Dates:

This Week!

· We are celebrating ‘I Love to Read’ month this week!

· Dress-up days for our class:

- Tuesday – Stuffed animal day. Bring a small pal to read to.

- Wednesday – Dress in pink and red!

- Thursday – Dress as your favorite character!

- Friday – Hats off for reading! Wear a hat to school.

Next Week - Tuesday, February 26th

· 100th Day of School! Please send 100 small items with your child. They can be sent in a sandwich bag or small container. Possible items: cheerios or other cereal, pieces of ripped or cut paper, etc. Please send items you don’t mind being lost or glued!

Ingrid Bonner