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504 has changed!

Aeries will house, print and manage 504 data. learn more CLICK here

We have a discussion group for Office Staff Aeries Users.

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This is an archive of all communication via email our group has had.

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This page is a resource dedicated to Aeries information for our County Office of Education and Unified School District.


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Student Information Systems DBA Mission

We strive to make the SIS database system in our hands robust, secure and in compliance with California State Educational requirements as such, we will...

  • Recognize information as a valuable asset, which serves PCOE/PUSD staff and parents.
  • Proactively maintain and monitor the database system to prevent or repair any potential issues.
  • Continually audit data to ensure it is accurate and up to state and local standards.
  • Quickly respond to stakeholder's support request(s).
  • Persistently seek innovative ways to improve stakeholder's knowledge of the database.
  • Research and implement the latest SIS database add on technology and updates to assist office productivity, reliable data, teacher's access to student data and parent-staff communication.