PCCR Benchmarks Cavite State University

By: Eduard M. Solomon & Jamilla Gay Asalan | November 8, 2017

The Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) conducted a benchmarking activity at the Cavite State University (CvSU) on October 18, 2017, during the celebration of CvSU’s Research and Extension Week.

CvSU President, Dr. Hernando D. Robles, welcomed the PCCR delegation and briefly explained CvSU’s vision, Global University 2020. Dr. Camilo A. Polinga, CvSU Vice President for Academic Affairs, shared CvSU Academic Affairs best practices and exchanged ideas with PCCR Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Diosdado Amante. Dr. Ruel Mojica, Vice President for Research and Extension, presented CvSU’s institutional research program which can be summed up by the acronym 4Ps - People, Properties, Policies and Products.

Dr. Famela Iza Cabe-Matic, Dean of the College of Criminal Justice (CCJ), and Dr. Susan Tan, former dean, now full-time faculty of CCJ, represented the program being benchmarked.

On the other hand, Dr. Ma. Cecilia Bautista-Lim, PCCR Chairperson of the Board and President, explained that compared to CvSU, which is a state university, institutional research in PCCR is still in its infancy stage. However, PCCR is committed to exert all efforts in order to achieve PCCR Research, Development & Publication Center’s (RDPC) vision of becoming a center for criminological and criminal justice research.

CvSU President Dr. Hernando D. Robles with the host team and the PCCR Chairperson and President Dr. Ma. Cecilia Bautista-Lim with the visiting team during the conference.

The PCCR delegation was composed of PCCR Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and President, Dr. Ma. Cecilia Bautista-Lim, Dr. Diosdado A. Amante, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Mandy G. Gonzales, Associate Dean of the College of Criminology, Prof. Recuerdo G. Lacsamana, Director for General Education, Prof. Gaypelyn M. Casiw, faculty from the College of Criminology and Ms. Jamilla L. Asalan, Research Officer of the Research, Development and Publications Center

This benchmarking activity is in line with the objective of RDPC to foster research culture within and among the PCCR community and to establish linkages and collaboration between PCCR and other HEIs. Incidentally, PCCR and CvSU has a standing Memorandum of Agreement on research capabilities.