PCCR and MLC 2017 Graduates Celebrate a Milestone

By Eduard M. Solomon | May 18, 2017

The historical PICC Reception Hall was once again a witness last May 15, 2017, to a memorable event for 482 graduates of the Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) and 35 graduates of the Manila Law College (MLC). Family members and other guests, some of them even came all the way from the provinces, talked quietly among themselves and readied their camera phones for the 60th Criminology and 115th Manila Law College Commencement Exercises.

And then the scene changed, as Trustee and ICT Director Marco Angelo B. Lim, the Master of Ceremony, announced the start of the Commencement Exercises. Then the Pomp and Circumstance played. The Grand Marshal Ret. P/Supt Johnny Bacbac started the ball rolling then followed by Assistant Grand Marshals, Prof. Mandy Gonzales and Prof. Idelfonso Datu. From the mezzanine of the reception hall, the graduating students of PCCR and MLC marched to their respective seats. Smiles and tears of joy were seen on the faces of the proud parents and guests as they watched their sons and daughters walk to the center of the hall. Some stood on chairs to get the best view of the arriving students. The noise revved up as family members and loved ones cheered and applauded as the black-robed graduates marched in.

The College Registrar, Ms. Aluvia De Jesus entered the hall carrying the College Mace as she was escorted by the honor guards. The crowd cheered as the faculty members, administrative directors and officers marched in. Dr. Yolanda S. Lira, the College Dean; Dr. Perla Mitra Aldaba, the Dean of the Graduate School; Atty. Felipe S. Fragante, Dean of the Manila Law College; Prof. Chiara Reina L. Datu, Vice President for Administration and Dr. Diosdado A. Amante, Vice President for Academic Affairs marched in and headed towards their respective seats on the stage. They were followed by Dr. Ofelia Mabitasan, CHED Representative, Trustees Jean Paul B. Lim and Angelica Lei B. Lo, Prof. Rodolfo Valentino F. Bautista, Senior Vice President for Finance and the Chairperson and Board of Trustees Dr. Ma. Cecilia Bautista Lim.

A moment of silence came as the PCCR NSTP Honor Guards carried the flags for the entrance of colors. Prof. Rodel J. Rivera and the quartet from the PCCR Chorale led the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. PCCR Class Salutatorian, Mr. Jasper Alarken A. Esoto led a moving prayer while the PCCR chorale softly sings in the background.

The cheering grew the loudest after Dr. Ma. Cecilia Bautista approached the podium in response to the presentation of the candidates for graduation by the College Registrar and said: “..........With all the rights and privileges thereto appertaining, congratulations.”

Dr. Amante introduced the Commencement Speaker and he narrated some notable accomplishments of the President for the past 6 years and how she balances her life by being a mother and grandmother and her involvement with other socio-civic organizations.

For her commencement speech, the President congratulated the smiling graduates, and challenged them “to give their best by significantly doing ordinary things extraordinary well.” After her inspiring speech, SVP Bautista, VP Amante and VP Datu handed the plaque of appreciation to the commencement speaker.

As the graduates went up to the stage to receive their diplomas, Dean Lira and Director Lacsama take turns in reading the names of the graduates for the College of Criminology and Prof. Maria Theresa Vibar for the MLC. Each graduates’ face has a sign of relief at having reached this day was evident in their cheers and exclamations. It came to a surprise for some of the graduates as they were not aware that they will receive various awards such as; Best in Law Enforcement Administration, Best in Criminilastics, Best in Sociology of Crimes, Best in Correction Administration, Best in Crime Detection and Investigation, Best in Criminal Law and Jurisprudence, Leadership Award, Loyalty Award and Best Thesis.

The awarding of the Latin Honors came thereafter and Ms. Carmela D. Endaya and Mr. Jasper Alarkhen A. Esoto, PCCR Class Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively, went up the stage with their parents to receive their medals. While, Mr. Jeremy M. Tuburan, MLC’s class Valedictorian was accompanied by his mother.

The entire reception hall of the PICC was filled with a resounding applause as the 37 new lawyers of MLC were recognized by the School and the community. They proudly went up the stage for the photo opportunity with the President and the Dean of the College of Law.

PCCR and MLC’s class Valedictorians delivered their heartfelt valedictory speeches. Ms. Endaya mentioned the hurdles she surpassed to be able to reach that far. Silence filled the entire hall when she mentioned that while she graduated valedictorian in high school, she has to stop for 2 years to give way to her older sister in college. Mr. Tuburan on the other hand said that never in his entire life did he imagine that he will be delivering a valedictory speech. He even made the audience laugh when he uttered some lines in the famous song, “Huwag ka ng Umiyak”. He emphasized on the lines, “Kung wala ka ng maintindihan.... kapit lang sa akin... hindi kita iiwan.”

The graduates then pledged their loyalty to PCCR and MLC which was led by Mr. Esoto for PCCR and Mr. Tuburan for the MLC. It was then followed by their induction to PCCR Alumni Association and MLC Alumni Association and no less than the President of PCCR, Dr. Lim and Atty. Laurence Villamar, MLC Alumnus and Professor inducted the graduates.

Graduation ceremonies will not be complete without the graduation song, and for this year, Carol Banawa’s “What Life is All About” was the chosen piece. Every word of the song was heart fully sang by the graduates. A different rendition for the PCCR Hymn was sang, as the graduates sang it with closed fist hand gestures of touching their chest and fighting signs.

The 2017 Commencement Exercises which lasted for 3 hours ended with the recessional of the Colors and School Officials.

To Batch Laon Alab 2016-2017, Congratulations and Best Wishes!