Manila Law College Hails Its 37 New Lawyers

by Eduard M. Solomon, May 5, 2017

A total of thirty seven (37) students from the Manila Law College (MLC) passed the Philippine Bar Examination which was given by the Supreme Court on the four Sundays of November 2016 (6, 13, 20, and 27).

The new MLC lawyers were among the three thousand seven hundred forty seven (3,747) or 59.06% who passed the exams out of six thousand three hundred forty four (6,344) examinees, the highest in 16 years.

The exam which is said to be the most difficult national examination in the Philippines covered Political Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Taxation Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Remedial Law, and Legal Ethics.

The complete list of the new MLC lawyers are as follows:

Manila Law College is the first Filipino-owned Law School in the Philippines. Originally named Escuela de Derecho de Manila, the institution was founded in 1899 by Don Felipe Gonzales Calderon, based on the tenets of solemn patriotism and missionary dedication. In 1930, Supreme Court Justice Felix Angelo Bautista, founder of the Philippine College of Criminology and Jurist, consolidated the ownership and, in keeping with the times renamed the institution in its English equivalent.