By: Eduard M. Solomon | December 15, 2017

The College of Criminology, headed by the Associate Dean and Program Head, Prof. Mandy G. Gonzales, spearheaded the Faculty Orientation for the second semester of Academic Year 2017-2018. The orientation seminar was held on December 1 at the VPAA Conference Room and was attended by tenured, full-time, and part-time faculty, including the newly-hired.

Prof. Gonzales discussed policies, plans, and projects of the College of Criminology for the On-the-JOb Training for fourth year students, Related Learning Experience (RLE) activities for all year levels, the Criminology Enhancement Course (CEC), the Mock Board for graduating students and the crafting of syllabi for the new BS Criminology curriculum for AY 2018-2019. He also talked about the preparations for the Christmas party, Foundation Anniversary and PACUCOA visit.

Prof. Mandy G. Gonzales formally welcomes the faculty to the second semester of AY 2017-2018

The new head of the Guidance & Counseling Services, Mr. Ronaldo Leo B. Surban, discussed the current policies and procedures observed and presented the new policies, plans and programs for implementation effective this semester. He stressed the importance of the role of the faculty in the programs designed by the Guidance & Counseling Services for the students. The faculty responded positively and promised to give their support and cooperation.

Mr. Surban presenting the plans and programs of the Guidance & Counseling Services

Prof. Gonzales was also joined by the Director of the Research, Development & Publications Center (RDPC), Dr. Cristeta G. Ututalum, to talk about the progress of faculty research. She reiterated that research topics should be within the scope of the PCCR Research Agenda 2016-2018 and encouraged the faculty to undertake researches that go beyond PCCR-related subject matter.

Dr. Cristeta G. Ututalum challenging the faculty to conduct quality researches in criminology and criminal justice

PCCR recently subscribed to EBSCO Information Services, an online resources provider for academic libraries. To familiarize the faculty on how to access e-journals and e-books via EBSCO, the faculty had a hands-on tutorial through the guidance of Ms. Jamilla Asalan, Research Officer of the RDPC. She demonstrated the login procedures, how to download, print, email and cite journal articles and e-books. The faculty are expected to make use of these online resources in crafting syllabi, planning classroom activities and writing researches. They were also advised to encourage students to use the service to widen the scope of their sources for their assignments and research work.

Ms. Asalan sharing the highlights of the seminar workshop on gender sensitivity teaching with the faculty

The last part of the program was an echo seminar on gender sensitivity teaching, also led by Ms. Asalan. She shared the highlights of the CHED-organized seminar workshop, “Gender Sensitivity Teaching: Exploring a New Pedagogy”, held last November 22 and 23, 2017, at the Hotel Rembrandt Hotel, Quezon City. Said seminar workshop is part of CHED’s efforts to mainstream genderized curriculum, teaching and research across all disciplines. Ms. Asalan finished the echo seminar with a challenge for the faculty: make PCCR the pioneer criminology school to offer a genderized criminology education in the Philippines.

For his closing remarks, Dr. Diosdado A. Amante, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, emphasized the importance of performing the trifocal function of PCCR as a higher education institution. He urged the faculty to work together in uplifting the quality of instruction through coming up with the new syllabi that is relevant and responsive to the needs of 21st century learners, integrating the concepts of gender and globalization in writing textbooks and other instructional materials, and being creative and innovative in their teaching methods. He reiterated the need for all faculty, especially tenured faculty, to undertake research and to actively participate in community extension projects.