The birth of a workshop

Colour coded tool boxes, ready for colour coded tools
Yellow tools destined for yellow tool box...can't go wrong!
Hanging out...the first lonely wheel. Des does a brilliant job on a wheel rack
Empty shelves and tool boxes patiently await
That's the go Ethan!
Shrink wrap plastic...NOT good!
5 unopened boxes

The Lions Club partner up with Full Cycle

Tom Gilfillan from the Lions Clubs partnering up with the students and sharing all the great work that they do.

Tom shares many great stories and knowledge

Students are informed on how important their work will be. Donating the bikes they fix will make a difference to someone's life.

Getting stuck into it!!!

Signs created by our most talented scribes
Starting with a full strip...time to learn many lessons!
Working in a workshop makes Ethan HAPPY!
Mark and Ethan collaborate on this lucky little BMX
Janssen finds an extra hand for support
Josh is getting his bearings on this hub.
Zach feels for rough bearings

Blow by blow,

Shania removes

the headset

with authority

Physics 101- Friction

If the rotating wheel fails to come into contact with a 'solid' surface then the transfer of power will not occur between the tyre and the will not move forward!

Thumbs up for a rear hub overhaul

Fully immersed in the task at hand

Collaborating, communicating and thinking critically to sort these tricky cables out.