Is Bigfoot real?

(APRIL 2, 2019) Every place has a famous legend. Oregon has one, too. It is the story of Bigfoot.

Bigfoot looks like a large ape. They live in the forests of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. People call them "Bigfoot" because they leave big footprints. "Sasquatch" is another name for these creatures.

It sounds like a joke. But some people believe the story. They also think the creatures migrate. That means they move from place to place.

Scot Violette was in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon last year. He says he saw Bigfoot there. He tells a story about the smell. Then he heard a growl, like the sound of a wild animal. Then he saw Bigfoot's face. He also found large footprints.

He thinks the creatures are now in Mt. Hood National Forest. “I do believe they exist. I think the proof is right there," he says.

Most scientists disagree. Bigfoot is a famous legend. There is no proof, but it is a fun story.

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