Do you want a flying car?

(JANUARY 20, 2019) Can your car fly? Do you want a flying car? Cars usually drive on roads. However, an Oregon company wants to make a flying car.

The company is Samson Sky. It is in central Oregon. It is making a new flying car. The new flying car is called Switchblade. It has three wheels and a large tail. It holds two people.

You can drive the car to an airport. Then you press a button. The wings and tail unfold in three minutes. Then the car can fly. It flies like an airplane.

The car flies 200 miles per hour. It flies 13,000 feet above the ground. You land the plane at an airport. You press a button. The wings and tail fold up. Then you can drive on the road again.

The car is ready later this year. It costs $140,000. You need a driver's license and a pilot's license.

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