Hello! Welcome to 8th grade math. This year your children will be embarking on a new mission, 8th grade math. Our 8th grade curriculum is designed to build on previous knowledge and also assert new knowledge that students will need in grades to come. This year we will be using Chrome Books to complete all of our math content. This will be new for the students but I am 100% sure they will enjoy it. I am looking forward to this being a very successful school year for the students. Please check this page weekly for updates and important information.


Please click on the link below or scan the qr code to the left and fill out the information. Be sure to fill out all parts.


Hello all and Welcome back. I know that last school year ended in a way that none of could have even imagined and that this school year is going to start off like it has never done before, but I want to reassure you WE will get through this together. Each students will be receiving a Chromebook from the school if you have not already received please be sure to contact (insert name and email). For the first week we will be focusing on the proper uses for the computers and requirements for the school year while using them. We will be becoming more familiar with the computer and learning about the different platforms and apps we will use to complete our assignments each day. Make sure you have 2 composition books, one we will use for our notes and one we will use for our warm ups each day. I will also be posting tutorials for what we cover during the first week so please check them out in the Video/Tutorial section above.