Hello! Welcome to 8th grade math. This year your children will be embarking on a new mission, 8th grade math. Our 8th grade curriculum is designed to build on previous knowledge and also assert new knowledge that students will need in grades to come. This year we will be using Chrome Books to complete all of our math content. This will be new for the students but I am 100% sure they will enjoy it. I am looking forward to this being a very successful school year for the students. Please check this page weekly for updates and important information.

Happy December!!

Hello Parents and Families,

This is going to be a busy moth for us in math class. It is my plan to have module 3 completed before we leave for our holiday break of 2 weeks. We have 3 week in total for school this month which means we are going to working very diligently. Module 3 is 12 lessons which gives us just enough time to complete, as the curriculum states each lesson should take one day. I do not want to rush through the material and will revisit after break if i must, however I am afraid that if we start and don't finish they will loose it all over break. You may see your child come home with more homework this month to allow them that time for additional practice as well.

WEEK 1: Complete lessons 1-5

Topic A.1 Quiz

WEEK 2: Complete Lessons 6-10

Topic A.2 Quiz after lesson 6

WEEK 3: Lessons 11/12

Topic B Quiz

Module End

Parent Teacher Conferences

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Tentative Schedule


    • Finish Lesson 9-11
    • Topic B Module Quiz


    • Finish lesson 11-13 Review for Topic C Quiz
    • End of Module Test Review
    • Trimester 2 Ends

11/18 - 11/22

    • End Module 2 Test
    • Begin Module 3
    • Notebook Quiz
    • Report Cards


    • No school for students
    • 11/25 Conferences 7:30-7:30
    • 11/26 Conferences 7:30-12:30


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