Algebra 1

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Welcome to Algebra!

Algebra 1 is your first step into high school mathematics, as focus begins to shift from basic arithmetic to more advanced calculations involving variables. At PCA, Algebra 1 is simply the beginning of a journey that will lead you through college level mathematics.

Below, you will find links to the different units in Algebra 1, each containing helpful information to assist you throughout this school year.

  • Write algebraic expression
  • Use the order of operations
  • Solve equations
  • Represent and interpret relations and functions
  • Use function notation
  • Interpret the graphs of functions
  • Create equations that describe relationships
  • Solve linear equations of one variable
  • Solve proportions
  • Use formulas to solve real world problems
  • Identify linear equations, intercepts, and zeros
  • Graph and write linear equations
  • Use rate of Change to solve problems
  • Write and graph linear functions
  • Use Scatter plots and lines of fit to write equations and linear regressions
  • Find inverse linear functions
  • Solve one-step and multi-step inequalities
  • Solve compound inequalities
  • Solve inequalities involving absolute value
  • Graph inequalities in two variables
  • Solve systems of linear equations by graphing, substitution, and elimination
  • Simplify expressions involving exponents
  • Extend the properties of integer exponents to rational exponents
  • Use scientific notation
  • Graph and use exponential functions
  • Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials
  • Factor Trinomials
  • Factor Difference of Squares
  • Graph Quadratic Functions
  • Solve Quadratic Equations
  • Solve Quadratic equations by graphing, completing the square, and the Quadratic Formula
  • Analyze functions with successive differences and ratios
  • Identify and graph special functions
  • Graph and transform radical functions
  • Simplify, add, subtract, and multiply radical expressions
  • Solve radical equations
  • Use the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Find trigonometric ratios
  • Identify and graph inverse variations
  • Identify excluded values of rational functions
  • Multiply, divide, and add rational expressions
  • Divide Polynomials
  • Solve rational equation